5 Unique Event Decoration Ideas



Wondering what you can do to add a little flavor to your parties? You might as well give it the best decoration, and today we will be sharing some amazing event decoration ideas with you.

1) Party at a unique venue

Who wouldn’t love to attend a party that offers a great view? If it falls within your budget, you can host a party at a beachside, with mountain-view, a hotel, a private restaurant or any other place that fancies you. The best perk would be that you wouldn’t have to clean-up after the party, and that’s a major relief.

2) Set up a flower wall

With the need to post everything on Instagram, you might as well set up a beautiful photo wall for all your guests so that they can click pictures and post it on social media. You can also rent a magic mirror photo booth and let your guests enjoy some fun selfie sessions.

3) Display a delicious donut wall

Well, that’s some food for thought. Having food as a centerpiece of attraction with some tasty donuts might as well be one sure shot way of making the party exciting. You can cater to different tastes and have them displayed all together.

4) Have projections as your backdrop

If you have some theme planned and are wondering how to get props for the same, you might as well make use of some projections from a projector set-up that will add quite the futuristic look to your party. This way you can have any theme you like without worrying about how you will get the decorations done. You can also play with neon lights and have quite a beautiful display.

5) Have a musical set-up and other props

You can have a surprise karaoke set-up for your guests to enjoy or maybe a dancefloor set-up which makes you dance in a particular way with the blinking of tiles. With partyMTL AV rental, you can have the best light and sound arrangement in your budget. Also, there are various props that can be added to your party that will add more charisma to it. Just keep in mind the age group of the people attending the party before you look for these.

So, we have shared some fun and unique ways in which you can make your party memorable. You can hire an event planner to help you with the same or do the whole thing by yourself.