3 Reasons to Watch the Nairobi Derby 


Before you get to know about the reason why you need to watch Nairobi Derby, let us first understand what it is all about. You might not be aware of the fact that Nairobi Derby is also known as the Mashemeji Derby and Indo-Dala Derby. You will be shocked to know that it is the oldest rivalry in the history of Kenyan football and it is between two local teams in Nairobi. The teams are known by the name of A.F.C Leopards and Gor Mahia. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you need to watch Nairobi Derby. 

They are:


  • Oldest Rivalry


As mentioned earlier that it is one of the oldest rivalries in Kenyan Football history and you will be amazed to know that their first match was played on 5 May 1968. You can also say that the matches played between these teams are the high voltage one. Either of the teams may win, but the enjoyment is at another level. Sometimes, these enjoyments and excitement of the crowd also turn into the anger of fans, and several matches have been abandoned because of this reason.


  • Tough Competition


The game of Nairobi Derby is at another level, and you can find the difference when you watch Nairobi Derby. While focusing on the statistical data, you will find that they have been neck to neck with each other in most of the competition they have played against each other. While talking about the total title won by both the team, you will find that at the National level A.F.C Leopards has won twenty-nine titles while Gor Mahia is ahead of two titles with the total standing at thirty-one. In the case of African title, A.F.C Leopards has five titles on their name & Gor Mahia has six titles. You can understand with the figures that the competitions between these teams are very high.


  • Final Result


 As per the history between the two sides, it is very much clear that the match is either going to end in a draw. Or there are chances that it will go to A.F.C Leopards side. But with the current form of the Gor Mahia player, it can be sure that they will take the title. It is very much sure that the match is going to be an interesting one. On the other hand, the most interesting thing is whichever team that wins the match will move to the top of the log. The final result is going to very interesting for the viewers.