7 Joy Things To Do in Bandung on A Day Trip


Bandung is now Indonesia’s third-biggest town and is situated in West Java. With far cooler temperatures compared to Jakarta, it is the ideal escape. Be ready for some mad cool Instagram areas like Rabbit Town, fantastic mountain scenery, and many traffic jams (it is nearly too busy as Jakarta). There are many exciting things to do in and about Bandung, and you could certainly do this on a day excursion!

  1. Instagrammable Hotspots

In and about Bandung, you can discover some mad Instagrammable hotspots. And you’ll locate them at the strangest places. The very first one we encounter is the place around Cakrawala Sparkling Nature Restaurant. An excellent location for food and beverages in one of many restaurants or to enjoy the view and picture places.

Rabbit city is much more arbitrary, but we enjoy fun places so that it’s perfect! So if you’d like vibrant photos, proceed. The building is filled with mad, colorfully adorned rooms — to several degrees. Other excellent picture-perfect areas are One Million Balls and Dago Dreampark. The latter has reconstructed the home against the Disney Pixar picture upward!

  1. Cimahi Rainbow Waterfall

After the sun sets, the Cimahi waterfall becomes a rainbow waterfall. A massive wire of light bulbs around the waterfall. We just went into the waterfall during the daytime, and we have to say it is a reasonably cool waterfall. Throughout the rainy season, the waterfall is much larger! The hike up and down is tight but relatively simple: you will find stairs, and across the way, you can cool in some perspectives with seats.

  1. Tangkuban Perahu Volcano

Using its cool temperatures, Bandung is ideal for hiking. And there is something for everybody! Tangkuban Perahu volcano is ideal for a brief hike to the crater’s edge to find the geysers and boiling mud. Unfortunately, the volcano last erupted in 2013. It is fairly pricey to go up the volcano. The prices for vacationers are about $15-$20 (throughout weekdays, it is less costly than throughout the weekend). Mainly, for this reason, we chose not to stop by the volcano. But folks have advised us that if you take a look past the high rates and lots of men and women who attempt to sell you things, it is a fantastic location.

  1. Tea Plantations

On the driveway into the Tangkuban Perahu volcano, then you will find beautiful green hills on account of the numerous tea plantations. Bandung’s climate makes it ideal for farming and rising tea. The very best part: there are not lots of other tourists visiting these plantations, and that means you’ll have a green oasis for your own! You could even locate beautiful plantations nearby Kawah Putih.

  1. Bandung Rice Fields

How can lunch at the rice fields seem? Sapu Lidi is a gorgeous and serene restaurant ideal for a traditional Indonesian lunch at the center of the rice areas. For more neighborhood food: test the Lembang floating market for local food!

  1. Kawah Putih

A bit further inland from Bandung, there is Kawah Putih or even White Crater. Kawah Putih is a crater lake in a volcanic crater. It is not precisely that crater, however the lake within the crater that makes this place unique! The colors of this water can be unbelievably blue (based on the concentration of nutritional supplements).

  1. Hot Springs

On the lookout for a few relaxing moments? The benefit of being in a recessed area is you can discover hot springs also! Following our dear buddy Google, these particular hot springs have therapeutic consequences — so let us go. The top ones to see would be the Sari Ater along with Cibolang hot springs.

Getting Around

Researching Bandung is completely enjoyable. It is our favorite transport, only going on an experience by ourselves! You might even employ a driver for a single day or reserve an excursion. It is possible to even utilize Catch or Go-Jek to receive about from town — both economical and convenient!

Where to Stay at Bandung?

We loved staying in the locale of this Cihampelas Walk. There are various stores, a mall, cute cafes: it’s all you want! We stayed at Pele Guesthouse and adored it perfectly if you are looking for a budget.

How to Access Bandung?

It’s possible to readily reach Bandung by rail from large cities like Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Train rides in Java are pretty comfy and can quickly be reserved online through Traveloka or even Tiket.com. Additionally, it is possible to fly into Bandung using a national or global flight. Traveling by bus is also an alternative, but we are not big fans of those buses in Java (there is often a long wait without a program).

Are you planning to visit Bandung soon? Find out more about Bandung and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.