An Immediate Need Of The Hour: Sustainable Jewelry


With every passing day, traditional jewelry-making continues to become a dying trade as another jewellery factory picks up the practice of developing sustainable jewelry. People love buying and wearing jewelry but what they often forget is how that one piece of stone is destroying nature. Underdeveloped countries with mining resources continue to suffer, miners are exploited and the planet nears the end. Sustainability is the immediate need of the hour, and jewelry factories are realizing that.

What Can Sustainable Jewelry Imply?

Overall sustainable jewelry promises the use of sustainable materials, transparent and responsible practices, fair labor, creating safe working environments, and protecting the environment as much as possible. However, transparency becomes a problematic factor in the jewelry business due to the often over-complex supply chains and the impossibility of tracking down sources.

How Are Sustainable Materials For Jewelry Obtained? 

Gold and silver are easier to recycle, unlike gemstones and diamonds. But it is possible and many jewelry factories are making it true as instead of harmful mining they turn to lab-grown resources. And this has become possible due to the evolution of technology. Leading enterprises have also adopted the use of technology to trace resource supply, for instance, Block chain can be used to track down diamond sources. 

Make Sure Of These Facts When Shopping For Sustainable Jewelry

Often people believe sustainable jewelry can entail a compromise in quality. This is false. Recycling or the process of lab-growing of metals and gemstones does not deter their condition. So, it is time to say no to unsustainable jewelry and give back to the environment. 

When a jewelry factory makes a promise of producing sustainable jewelry, make sure that they mean:

  • They are not using materials that are manually mined. Whichever metal or stone they use in their jewelry is recycled, ethically-sourced, or lab-grown.
  • There is absolute transparency in their supply chains. If you are unable to make sure of that, you can check their informational sites to know if they are cautious about environmental factors such as waste management, pollution, and traceability. 
  • They do not exploit their labor. They must work with a sustainable workforce that is, they do not exploit child labor, pay below minimum wages, and create a safe working environment for their workers.
  • They are taking conscious steps to give back to the environment. 

Creating sustainable jewelry is not easy, which is why many manufacturers tend to avoid it. But where there is demand, there is supply. Take a conscious step today and opt for sustainable jewelry, so that it becomes easier for industries to create them.