Best Branded Nail Polished Looks for You


Cosmetic brands have a vivid imagination when it comes to different colors and / or types of nail polish. Also, faced with a growing offer on the market, it becomes difficult to make your choice, without risking getting lost. gives you a few balls to choose the right varnish according to your dress style and your skin tone, and thus avoid the fault of bad taste.

Natural nail polish

Often transparent, pink, cream or beige, natural nail polishes are perfect for women who like to have a sophisticated manicure while remaining discreet. It is also the ideal shade for those who hate spending unnecessary hours in the bathroom because they last longer and adapt easily to all styles of clothing.

The traditional red nail We often hear of “red nail” to evoke the red nail polish, so much has it become a must in the hands of French women. It is a color that will give you a glamorous and sexy look; even more if you match your lipstick. It goes equally well with a black dress for an evening until the end of the night or with jeans and a white T-shirt in working woman mode. 

A little dark on the nails

There is no question here of playing it gothic with black varnish (and black makeup) but rather of going to draw in colors such as plum, purple or even brown, which are shades that know how to put delicately hands in value. This type of varnish is all the more recommended for women with long nails because the colors darken give the impression of shortening the nails. Do not hesitate to choose it with an iridescent or glitter effect for even more chic. Want to know more? Make a visit to to understand the best solutions.

The French manicure

We do not present it to you anymore: the French manicure offers a more sustained effect to natural nail polish. Indeed, the pink becomes more pink, the white becomes even more whitened, and the natural one is simply a little less natural. For a successful sophisticated effect, it is crucial to be patient while applying the varnish.Moreover, this is one of the reasons that very often the French manicure is directly performed by a beautician.

For each skin tone, its nail polish

One of the important things to consider when choosing your nail polish is your skin tone . Indeed, depending on whether you have fair, medium or dark skin, not all nail polish will suit you the same. Women who have very fair to fair skin are the luckiest because any nail polish color can be suitable. If this is your case, we still recommend that you opt for bright colors such as red, orange, plum, navy blue which will give your look a boost. If you are discreet by nature, prefer pastel tones such as pink, peach, sea green or even pale blue. 

Women with a so-called “medium” skin texture, namely the vast majority of French women, will turn to dark shades such as brown, dark pink, gray or even gold. Of course, red is also a classic that you can adopt and which will give your outfits more allure, whatever the occasion. On the other hand, varnishes in purple and blue shades are to be banned from your vanity. For dark to dark skin, we strongly recommend that you choose varnishes in very pale shades like white or tinted pink shades which are very trendy for your skin tone and will give your look an extra boost. However, if you prefer dark colors, then prefer brown colors. Conversely, it is totally inadvisable to choose a light-colored varnish which will offer a result of bad taste.