Effective Tips to Deal with Underarm Odour


Your smelly underarms don’t necessarily hint at health problems. But they can make you feel reluctant to throw up your arms confidently or go sleeveless or sport that off-shoulder top with the jeans. Now, imagine an additional hair patch to worsen the sweat accumulation. 

Underarm waxing and arm hair removal creams are the most harmless and effective at-home remedies to easily remove armpit odour, hair, and dead skin cells in minutes. Their moisturizing agents smoothen your skin and their fragrance masks the odour. Besides, certain basic lifestyle measures also help. For excessive sweating, doctors often suggest other treatments. Below are some useful tips for removing underarm odour.

Ways to Eliminate Underarm Odour

  1. Wash and Scrub: Gently scrubbing and washing your armpits regularly is the basic tip for odour-free underarms. This prevents dirt and oil accumulation and yeast infections. Use a mild soap for unclogging your sweat pores and ensuring cell renewal after exfoliation. An effective arm hair removal cream also checks armpit odour and darkening. 
  1. Wear Loose Clothes: Use breathable, light clothes that keep armpits unstained for hours. Pick a suitable material like cotton, not synthetics or satin in summer. Let go of tight tops, as these darken the colour of your skin beneath, from friction. 
  1. Remove Underarm Hair: Try the best wax strips for underarms that completely uproot the hair patch painlessly. The ones with Aloe Vera, essential oils and Vitamin E also moisturise your armpits for up to 24 hours. Your hairless silky-smooth underarms will smell less without soaking your clothes with sweat. You can use each strip thrice effectively, cutting it at different angles/lengths as per application convenience. 
  1. Avoid Antiperspirants: Surprised? An antiperspirant/deodorant usually comes with a fragrance for masking armpit odour. But its chemicals unnaturally plug sweat glands, compelling your body to not perspire. First, it doesn’t benefit hyperhidrosis. Secondly, its active ingredients have aluminium-based compounds, which might cause breast cancer, once absorbed by your skin. Thirdly, your underarms may turn too dry with a burning sensation, affecting the skin.
  1. Stop Smoking: Nicotine raises body temperature and heartbeat, releasing acetylcholine that causes unnatural perspiration. So don’t smoke to prevent excess sweat and its accumulation in armpits, and for overall well-being. 
  1. Use Botox (botulinum toxin injections): If you sweat excessively, your dermatologist may inject small quantities of Botox into your armpits. It blocks the chemical which stimulates your sweat glands. While this is considered effective, it can be painful. Also, a lot of people do not like the idea of chemicals being injected into their body. It usually needs four to five days to show results, but the effect can last for up to six months.
  1. Have Prescribed Medications: If your body sweats too much, your dermatologist may recommend anticholinergic drugs. Since these cease your perspiration altogether, this is not commonly suggested to individuals living in hot climates or to athletes. Its side effects include an abnormal heartbeat, blurred vision, and dry eyes and mouth.

So, besides basic lifestyle tips to control underarm odour, pick your best underarm hair removal method to combine the odour-free and hair-free benefits. It’s wise to opt for the gentler, risk-free option!