Five Great Hospital Anniversary Gift Ideas


For those out there working in a hospital setting, there may be a need to honor the work anniversaries of colleagues. With that in mind, there are so many great gift ideas that can be a perfect hospital anniversary gift. Since there are so many great hospital anniversary gifts to consider, it might be helpful to know what gift ideas are the best. Here are five gifts that are perfect for hospital anniversaries.


  1. Gift Baskets

There are so many cool and fun gift basket ideas. If a colleague enjoys wine grab two to three bottles of wine, a corkscrew and a pair of wine glasses and wrap them all up within a basket. If glasses can be ordered with the company logo on them, that could be very popular.

Coffee baskets are another great idea. Just like the aforementioned idea with wine glasses, coffee mugs with the company logo could be a hit. Along with coffee cups, there can be a travel mug, assorted coffee varieties, and coffee-flavored chocolate candies and snacks like biscotti added to the mix.

  1. Spa Day

Most anyone can benefit from a day at the spa, and spa gifts are great for anniversary gifts. This is especially true for hospital employees since they spend so much time taking care of other people’s needs.

Ideas to consider include massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. If not sure which spa treatments a colleague would enjoy, one can always opt with a gift card for the employee to use however they wish. Spa packages can also be taken into consideration within the possibilities for previously mentioned gift baskets.

  1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a safe bet when choosing a gift that anyone will enjoy. The same could be said if trying to pick the best gift to present to a hospital employee to commemorate an anniversary.

If having a hard time choosing what kind of gift card to give them, there is nothing wrong with selecting a few different gift cards. Instead of handing them one gift card to one retailer, pick a handful of retailers and lower the card limits. Most anyone would appreciate gift cards to the coffee shop, movie theater, bakery, grocery store or local restaurant.

  1. Money or Time Off

If okayed by an employer, most anyone would love to receive money or complimentary time off from work. In fact, many employers do indeed award employees with additional pay or additional days off from work upon meeting certain milestones.

See if this can be done for the colleague being celebrated. All that is needed is the green light, a thoughtful card and proof in the form of cash, a check or something in writing from a supervisor or HR. If permitted this might be the idea most appreciated.

  1. Art or Photo Collage

Art is a gift that someone can cherish for a lifetime. Art is especially great for anniversary gifts at or near retirement. This will help employees transition into this new phase of life. It will undoubtedly give them something that can stand the test of time and help them warmly reflect on their career.

The same can be said about using photos for a photo collage. Grab some various photos that capture the essence of the employee and combine them into a framed collage they will surely appreciate. This gift can be personalized even further by having the matte signed by fellow colleagues.