Foie Gras: Knowing This Specialty Food


Foie gras is a specialty food product that is made up of the goose or duck liver. Foie gras is classified as the fattened liver of a goose or duck using a process called gavage. In this method, ducks and geese are fed more than usual for the purpose. Foie gras is a popular food in French cuisine. Its flavor is buttery, rich, and delicate. This food has been a culture of the French. According to French law, foie gras belongs to the protected culture of France.

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There are many ways to prepare foie gras. In different countries, there is a different way of preparing and serving foie gras. Being a luxury dish, it is generally consumed on special events and occasions. In some parts of France though, foie gras is available year-round. In some places, foie gras is served cold, it is served hot, and in some, it is prepared into a pie.

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Foie gras is in the culture of France and it can be seen in history. It is seen to be mentioned as early as 2500 BC. Egyptians used to fatten their birds and prepare foie gras of their kind. Over time, this process of fattening the bird got passed on, improved, and preserved. France is still the largest producer and consumer of foie gras. Foie gras has been mentioned and found in the Roman Empire, in Europe post-Roman Empire, and Jewish traditions. Jewish people and Gallic farmers are thought to be the people who preserved the foie gras tradition until much later.

There are different ways of eating foie gras, but many suggest that the best way is to try it is on a piece of brioche and with a bit of onion spread on fig jam. It is considered the yummiest, delicious, and weird food of all the specialty foods from France.

It is a food that has been around controversies due to the process used for fattening the liver of duck or goose. Everyone has his or her say in what they like or not but if you want to try this then you won’t be disappointed. Other French foods are also there which are also very delicious and yummy.