Harmony and Perfection for Interior Design In Singapore


By ensuring harmony between floors and walls, people have the feeling of spaciousness and continuity in the rooms. In this way, the space of a small apartment can yield more. To achieve this effect, it is believed that the use of the same floor throughout the property helps. 

If it is not possible, have similar tones to avoid create more cohesion and avoid breaking the pattern.In addition, clear surfaces have a complementary action: they can help by distributing the lighting in the rooms. In other words, the combination of the lighting design and the colours of each environment helps to enhance the decoration of the home.

If you are not sure, you can always hire the best interior designer in Singapore you can find to oversee the entire project for you, as well as come up with strategic and smart ideas. 

Bet on mirrors as strategic elements for small apartments

Transparent elements, such as dividers, help to create the feeling of spaciousness. The same can be done with mirrors. When strategically used, they are devices that enhance rooms in different ways. When it covers the entire wall of the room, for example, it makes the room look bigger than it is.

The same can be done in other areas, such as the bedroom. Mirrored door cabinets make the space more versatile and also bring more elegance to the composition.

If you prefer, mirrors can be used on the entire surface or just in detail. That is something that brings more variety to the decorative possibilities.

Invest in a lighting project

Finally, lighting must be thought out carefully. After all, it plays an important role in the composition of each room.

When the ceiling height is low, use indirect light sources to enhance the home, such as with table lamps. Otherwise, built-in lamps can be used, as this way, the plaster lining does not steal attention.

It is advisable to seek a balance between the feeling of comfort and a good amount of light to highlight each detail. For this reason, a lighting project is of great relevance.

Use the walls of the space of a small apartment

To leave the area free for circulation, the decoration can “go up the walls of the home”. Pictures, posters, photographs and shelves are good options for this. For those who are in the habit of shopping on the internet, you can find great opportunities there.

Think of a way to enhance each space without overloading it. The decoration should be equally functional and captivating.

Value the horizontal and vertical lines

The space of a small apartment can be enhanced through its horizontal and vertical lines. Low-ceiling environments, for example, gain breadth with verticality. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the effect is enhanced by complementing it with tips that we have already brought in this article. 

This is the case with light tones that can help to create a harmonic effect. The horizontal lines, in turn, can be used to cause a greater effect of cosiness. That is especially so when the space has high ceilings. These conditions also apply to other parts of your home, like furniture and decorative objects, such as carpets.

Some changes in the decoration of the house may require more complicated tasks, such as installing hooks, brackets and even messing with the electrical wiring. For this, it is always good to have qualified professionals, so you avoid problems and are guaranteed to have quality service.