How can you get the spouse visa and dependent visa if you are under 18?


This article will clear you about the doubts and questions about applying the visa process so that you can easily apply and get the visa quickly. When you apply for the spouse visa you can apply it inside or outside of the UK. The applicant must need to show that you have the speaking and understanding skills. You have to meet the language requirements, especially while taking the a1 english test for spouse visa it is necessary to do the efficiency.

People who do not want to write the test:

If you are not having the nationality outside the European countries and the zone or in Switzerland you do not have the necessary to meet the English language test. If you have a relationship with a citizen of the UK or having a relationship with a settled British person then also you do not have the situation to meet the English language test. If you want to do the immigration as the person’s spouse in the UK.

If you are not the under the citizen of the majority of the English speaking country, or do not have any degree from the English based languages then you must pass the English language test then it should be approved by the test providers. When you apply from overseas the arrangements then you can be approved to take the test English language in the home country. If you need more details then ask for the respected coaching centers.

Dependent visa:

If the children are under the age of 18 then they can enter the UK as dependents. It is necessary to make the application and also you need to apply for the spouse visa. Where your sponsoring spouse should be shown the income certification either he or she should be under the limited category do that only you can have the access to have the dependent visa. For the children sponsorship, the amount will be varied.

Relationship ends:

If your relationship comes to an end during the time of spouse visa then you have to write or notify the information to the UKBA. If you are out of the relationship before you get a permanent visa. The information should be posted to the respected address. Evidence and inquiry unit, lunar house, 12th-floor corridor, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 2BY.

It is necessary to include the full name shown in the passport along with the date of birth and the entry clearance number or the UK Border agency number. Then the UKBA has the only right to decide where your former partner can get permission to stay in the country or not. According to this, the basis of the stay permit will be changed or if that person asked for an extra period to stay in there, then all the decisions will be in the hands of the UKBA.

Their stay may be canceled depending on the reasons and if it is inappropriate then the stay will be surely get canceled. These are the structure and information for the spouse visa and dependence visa.