How To Win The Trust Of A Timid Dog


It can be hard to know how best to approach a timid dog. Do you make a fuss and show the dog lots of attention to demonstrate that you mean them no harm? Or, do you ignore them until they become more confident around you?

Whether you are visiting a friend and meeting their dog for the first time, or you are planning to adopt a rescue dog, it is essential to know the best way to win the trust of a timid dog, to establish your relationship in a positive way.

A scared dog may be more likely to go on the attack as a means of defending themselves if they feel threatened. Approaching a fearful dog and immediately trying to show them affection may seem like the right thing to do, but it can cause the dog to respond with aggression. Knowing how to react when around a timid dog is the best way of keeping yourself safe and avoiding causing the dog any extra distress.

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There are many reasons why dogs may become anxious with taking help of affordable pet care; Maybe they have been attacked by another dog in the past, maybe they were mistreated by a previous owner, or even abandoned. A dog’s past has a massive bearing over their current behaviour and the way that they react in specific situations. As you never know the full story about a dog’s past, it is always best to be mindful of your actions around a dog.

Stay Back

Being extra friendly does not make you more approachable to a timid dog. In fact, being extra friendly could have the opposite effect that you were hoping for and make the dog even more fearful.

Many people approach a timid dog by going straight up to them to talk to them, looking them straight in the eyes, and patting them on the head. This is actually the worst way to behave.

If you can, avoid approaching a timid dog at all. It is far better for them to adjust to your presence before you head straight over to them.

While the dog is adjusting to your presence, make sure that you avoid making any sudden movements or loud noises that may unsettle them.

Once the dog feels more comfortable around you, they will likely approach you to sniff around and demonstrate that they are growing accustomed to your presence. Stock up on the best dog treats uk so that once the dog is happy to approach you, you can offer them a reward.

Rewards and Positive Behaviour

The last thing a timid dog needs is to be trained aggressively. You will see far better results from training your nervous dog through play. Play training makes training a positive experience, which is far more pleasant for you and your dog. To build their confidence, make sure that you offer plenty of rewards when training. Letting the dog take treats directly from your hand will help to build trust even further and strengthen your growing bond.