Kids Fashion Trends to Catch in 2020


Every year comes with its own fashion trend. It’s not only the adults who enjoy new trends every year, but even the kids do also enjoy super adorable fashion trends regardless of their age. Kids also have equal rights as far as fashion is concerned. They also need to enjoy fashion just like adults.

 As 2020 is here, and parents may be wondering which new fashion trend the year has brought in, well, the following are kids fashion trends that parents can catch in 2020.


  • Bright colours-


2020 is full of bright colours. Shades such as orange, red, blue, and yellow are quite dominant. Pinks and greens are trending as well. When it comes to fashion trends of 2020, pastels and neutrals are a little subdued. That means you can dress your kid in a complete monochrome, or you can still upgrade their fashion to more bold and dark colours. Bold and dark outfits can be matched with formal shoes for boys.

Children love colours, and figuring out the colours they like most will be a great idea. You don’t have to control your child; they can choose what they want to wear. However, when it comes to choosing a colour, you can advise them to choose colours that are not very similar to each other to obtain the best look.


  • Mixed prints


Everybody loves print! They are quite versatile and fun as well. There are also plenty of prints that you can choose from. It is also quite easy to match one print on the bottom with a different print on the top for your child’s outfit. Your child can do striped pants with a solid shirt and then match it with formal shoes for boys. Animal prints have become extremely popular and are the best way to incorporate prints into your kid’s closet. 


  • Geometric shapes


Geometric shapes were quite popular in 2019, and it’s still going to stay with us in 2020. You can get your little girl a simple dress with a geometric pattern or get a little bit creative. The bolder the better! For boys, you can opt for a patterned shirt and match it with a simple pair of jeans and formal shoes for boys.


  • Leather material for boys


Leather is mainly used for outwear. It is no secret that children wearing leather are just so adorable. In 2020 you can incorporate a leather jacket in your kid’s wardrobe. You can opt for a pair of jeans with a tee and a leather jacket, and then complete the look with formal shoes for boys. 


  • Denim 


Denim is one of the most common trends. Denim has been around for over 30 years. Everybody now owns at least one pair of jeans, a jean shirt or a jacket. You can get your little girl a beautiful denim dress if you are not into jeans and a shirt. 


  • Accessories


Kids’ accessories include bags, sneakers, and formal shoes for boys, boots, and ballerinas. Scarves, floral head, gloves, hair accessories, and sunglasses have also made their presence in 2020.