Lease A Vehicle Under Business If It Is Used for Commercial Purpose


Cars are used frequently to travel from one destination to another. Whether it is a family outing or office commuting, people feel more relaxed in their vehicle than public transport. However, not everyone can afford a new car. Those who wish to buy a car often compromise with the model due to budget and still pay installments for years.

Renting a car is definitely a healthier choice than buying. It not only gives you a new model of the car within budget, but you change to another car as soon as your lease agreement ends. No doubt the car is not yours, so you would also not feel bad if the value depreciates. Enjoying a new car every few years is not a bad choice.

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Generally, people buy or rent a car individually, but have you ever thought of chartering a car under your business? Of course, the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes since you will be commuting to various places while driving it, so why not lease it in the business’s name? The process of purchasing or renting is similar to that of buying under your name. However, there are still few things that might need consideration when you’re leasing another business name.

How to Lease a Car under your Business?

The Tax Advantages of Business Car Leasing vs. Buying

  • Find dealer only for Commercial Purpose

Various dealers provide individual, business, or both services. You will have to find a dealer that provides leasing for commercial purposes. This is because the documents and the process of verification are to be done under the business name and the protocols will be slightly different. They have specific brokers who deal in such matters and can handle them swiftly.

  • Customize the Car

When you’re buying or leasing a car for personal use then you just look for fancy features like backspace, music speaker, etc. However, when you buy it for commercial use the options change. You may require a heavily loaded vehicle or a big car than a usually family-oriented car. Firstly, you need to understand your necessity, and then you can tell your requirements to the dealer. Some dealers are happy to customize the car according to your needs.

  • Financial Documents

The dealer or their salesperson tells you about all documents that will be required at the time of signing the agreement. Most dealers need the financial official papers and the recent balance sheet of your company. This tells your credibility and your financial status. If you’re taking a loan from a financial institute, they will re-evaluate your business value, profits, debts, because, in the end, you’ll have to pay them back.

There are several ways of leasing a vehicle or buying it. You just need to have transparency with the dealer and financial institution. For startup businesses, it is always wise to lease a car.