Life journey of Queen Elizabeth II


Who is Elizabeth II?

Elizabeth II is the Queen of England or the United Kingdom. She belongs to the royal family of the UK. Moreover, she is the head and the leader of the royal family. The mother of Prince Charles and grandmother of prince Harry and William. She is the longest-serving monarch in British history. Queen Elizabeth ii has done a great job in maintaining her tradition and balancing with the New modern era.

The early life of Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, in London. When Elizabeth II you were born, nobody realised that one day, she would be the majestic Queen of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth II, with her young sister Margaret, started studying academic courses all through you with the help of tutors.

They were never sent to a school for achieving an academic degree. Elizabeth II Grew up learning singing, dancing, mathematics, history and various other courses in her home (palace).

Due to World War 2 in the year 1939, Elizabeth II with her sister Margaret stayed out from London. They stayed mostly in Windsor Castle. From Windsor Castle, Elizabeth II made her first-ever radio broadcast.

At the age of 14, she motivated every citizen in England and assured them that everything is going to be alright. Sooner she started taking on different other public duties. In the year 1947, she joined the know Auxiliary Territorial Service. To serve and help the soldiers of England. She also learned driving and mechanic skill for helping the soldiers.

Becoming the majestic Queen of the United Kingdom

On February 6 1952, when Elizabeth II father died, she became the ultimate Queen of the United Kingdom. She took all over the responsibilities of country and international assents for the rest of her life.

Later on, she got married to Prince Philip in Westminster Abbey, London, on November 20, 1947. They did not waste much time in giving birth to a child. Son Charles was born in 1948, just after the wedding year, 1950, she got her daughter Anne.

Later she got two more children in 1960 and 1964, prince Andrew and Edward, respectively. In the year 1969, Queen Elizabeth II made her child Charles Her first successor ever. The amazing ceremony was broadcasted on the television program and got viewed by lakhs and millions of people throughout the world.

Current situation

Currently, she is still on for all her duties and responsibilities, which she promised while becoming the Queen of the royal family. Recently on April 9 2021, prince Philip the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died. Although the reason for that was not disclosed, the statement was clear enough that the death of Prince film was peaceful.

After few days after the death of the prince, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t give up on her duties. She is still admired and motivated for doing her all duties towards the country and world. She is the only Queen to have the longest monarchy in the British royal family.