Pizzas That You Will love and be About to Afford Too


Pizzas taste best when they’re cooked fresh and cooked in the right way. Which is why a similar pizza by different pizza houses never taste the same. Some taste better than some others. And this guide is all about one such pizza house – Double pizza hut – that offers the better varieties that you must try at least once. Some of their pizzas that you’ll certainly love are listed below. 

  • The all dressed pizza
  • The pepperoni pizza
  • The cheese pizza
  • The Hawaiian pizza
  • The Halal Chicken Pizza
  • The Mediterranean Pizza

Whilst some of these have meats, some others have veggies amalgamated in tangy tomato sauce, and some others even taste sweet, these are some of the best options that you’ll find in the entire Montreal city. In fact, Double Cheese delivers at 30 different places in Montreal and the Double Pizza Montreal delivery services are super quick and beyond satisfaction. You get to track your order in the real time, contact the delivery person, and also request for additional herbs and spices. 

That much established, it’s also quite relevant that you learn a bit about the interesting combo deals that this firm offers so that everybody can afford their pizzas. The best ones that are being currently run are listed below. 

  1. 7 Days Pickup Special Deal

This deal is for takeaway orders. You’ll be able to save a lot of money this way. This deals enables you to buy:

  • One large cheese or pepperoni pizza at 10.74 dollars. 
  • One large all-dressed pizza, that can be made spicy upon request – at 13.74 dollars. 
  1. C2 Special Online Deal

This is one of the most popular online pizza combo deals that makes an entire meal plan for one person – it includes pizzas, fries, and a beverage. Beginning at just 23.99 dollars, this combo offers:

  • Any two medium pizzas that you’d prefer. 
  • A medium packet of crispy and flavoursome fries that can again be made spicy upon request. 
  • A 2L Pepsi bottle. 
  1. Game Night Special Deal

This is another Double Cheese online combo deal that starts at just 21.99 dollars, is sufficient for one single person, and offers:

  • 1 large pizza 
  • 8 chicken wings 
  • 1 sauce (any sauce of your choice).
  • 1 packet of small fries. 

So, if it’s quality, taste, freshness, and affordability that you’re looking for, then there’s no other pizza house better than the Double Cheese pizza house.