Play Rummy and Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day Indoors


The Valentine’s Day is a special day for romantic couples. On this day, couples spend time together and do things to make each other happy. One of the ways to spend good time indoors, and stay entertained with your beloved is to play rummy. This is a card game where multiple players are involved, so it is something which you both can play together. In the post below, we have discussed how you can enjoy this romantic day with your dear one, as well as play card games to keep busy.

  1. Invite Your Beloved to a Rummy App

If you play online rummy, then you may be a member already on a card-gaming website or app. This Valentine’s Day, you can introduce your dear one to the app or website you are registered on. Teach them how to get around the app, explain its features and functionalities. This will help your beloved to start with the game, without having to fret around the app on their own. So, you get to spend a good time with your better half, as well as play your favourite card game.

Apps such as the Khelplay Rummy App, is a good platform to check out. The gaming site has transparent policies and takes care of your privacy. It hosts various types of rummy tourneys and games, which you can play any hour of the day.

  1. Teach How to Play the Game

If your dear one does not know how to play rummy, then you can teach that to them. Make the learning session fun. Cook a great meal as it is a day for romance. It is the Valentine’s Day after all, so why miss out on romantic things then? Have a chat over the meal about the tactics and tricks of the game. If you have a physical set of cards, you can even play the game with each other face-to-face. You can spend a few minutes on the app as well, to show around how to find practice games, tournaments, and cash games.

In online games, rummy rules could be different on different platforms. So it is best to learn about the gaming website or application you are on, and explain the same to your beloved. This way, your partner gets to make the most out of the game on the internet as well.

  1. Play a Few Practice Games

Before you both check out difficult tourneys, play free rummy games. The practice games will help you get better at the playing skills required for a win. These games are without any restriction. It means you can drop out whenever you want and attract no penalties. The time restriction for the game could be less stringent than that for buy-in games. So make the most out of these, and enjoy the Valentine’s Day at the best. To make the moments special, you may want to flirt with your partner as you both challenge each other.

In rummy online, practice chips are provided without any deposit. So, you can refill these chips anytime without paying anything. Amateurs play the practice games the first before checking the ones of a greater difficulty level. Even experts may play a few of these, especially when they do not wish to play a game that involves stakes.

  1. Check Out Cash Games

To make the Valentine’s Day more interesting, you can surprise your beloved with a win in a real cash rummy game. If you are the winner of the game, then you do get cash reward. However, it is advisable to play such games only when you are sure of your expertise level. Since these games involve a buy-in amount, you would want to put your best foot forward and emerge as a winner. For this purpose, you must have complete knowledge about rummy, the tricks and strategies to it, and tactics to turn a bad hand into a good one.

In Indian rummy, you need to have a high skill-set, especially good observation skill and brainpower. These two are necessary to understand the tricks and baits the opponents try to apply on you. This is why; knowing about the game is important, as expert players give a tough challenge.

  1. Participate in Rummy Tournaments

After playing the simple card games involving a deposit, you should try on tournaments. On the Valentine’s Day, you and your dear one can take part in rummy tournaments and have a good time. Tournaments are round based. Depending on the difficulty level of the game, the stakes will differ. Some tournaments involve a high buy-in, but the winning amount will be higher as well, and vice-versa. Winners of each round go to the next level, and henceforth. The winners of finale receive a handsome cash reward.

The reward amount could be used to buy merchandise on stores partnered to the gaming website. Or you can even transfer the winning prize to your bank account. Or, you can use the prize amount from rummy online to play further tourneys and cash games.

Final Words

If you do win a rummy game that has cash reward, then there is nothing better than sharing this prize amount with your beloved on the Valentine’s Day. Use the amount for shopping. Take your partner out on a date. Enjoy the day and the evening sharing some romantic moments together.