RF Capital bearish on the ZAGG as well on Stage Stores


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RF Capital Management LLC belongs to the category of the investment management company and it is found by Roger Fan in the year 2017. Roger Fan is from the fund’s department and is Chief Investment Officer. In the year 2020, a Q1 Investor Letter is released and according to that letter 27.13% decrement was observed in the market on a quarterly basis. In a parallel way, Russell 2000 and S & P 500 indices were decreased to an average to 30.62% and 20.00% respectively.

In the letter that was released in the year 2020, there were some of the stocks highlighted by Roger Fan and out of those ZAGG stock at https://www.webull.com/newslist/nasdaq-zagg one is Stage Stores Inc. The focus of Stage Stores is on the management of the department stores and also in the retail shops. According to the yearly calendar, it was observed that SSI had a decrement of about 92.3% but on 28th April, it was completely closed with the minimum price of $ 0.63.

RF comments on the ZAGG with the help of its letter. Roger Fan, the vice president of the company highlighted the stocks of ZAGG. ZAGG focuses on the production, design, and distribution of the accessories that are used to protect mobile phones.

Roger Fan also commented on the stock price of the ZAGG saying that there was a suspension in the strategic review process from the end of the company and that is why it saw so high reduction in the prices. He also mentioned that the earning of Q4 and the year 2019 was found to be underwhelming which lead to decrement in price.

ZAGG also stranded the sale process as they were unable to reach and attract the high bid for their work. There was some advice that came from the side of the management team and that was it would become difficult for them to deal with the sale price of the company as there is not much demand for the smartphones, there were many holidays in the month of 2019 and the impact of tariffs.

ZAGG also said that they exited the position in the market at an average rating of $2.90 per share. The company was sold because of the negative momentum they faced. They were in such a condition that there cheaper stock was going down and down in the market. As a result of all these things, ZAGG came to the list of potential acquisitions, and to start their business they would have to wait for some time and then think of restarting it. If you want to know more stock information like lone stock, you can visit at https://www.webull.com/newslist/nasdaq-lone .