Right Choices for Football Bets Now


In short, you are a football fan and you know both the Premier League and Ligue 1 and you know a lot about your favorite team. Are you ready to make money with football bets? Football betting is popular all over the world, but remember they are also very competitive. To make money from betting on football leagues offered by bookmakers you need a strategy.

The basics

Before betting on any football league, you need to know the basics. These are serious things. Ask yourself how much each team is playing and prepare to find much more information and data, beyond their results. Read match statistics for  먹튀검증 sites and get a deeper insight.

  • Has a team been unfortunate recently?
  • Are they getting better or worse?

Then you need to consider the results achieved at home and away. In general, home teams score between 0.4 and 0.6 goals per game, but may vary. Some teams instead have a style of play that rewards when they play away from home, especially on the counterattack. Still others are excited when they play at home, in front of a large passionate crowd that intimidates their opponents. These clues can be really valuable.

Football betting basics

Direct clash statistics can also be revealing. What happened the last time these two teams met? Has a team dominated in the most recent challenges? In this case, however, it is better not to go too far. Finding statistics on recent matches can be really beneficial to understand how teams tackle games tactically.

Finally, try to collect as much information as possible even on the changing room. You need to know if a key player has suffered an injury, news about teammates or if the locker room is the victim of a flu attack. Get as accurate news as possible about the team and remember that in the end, footballers are human beings. They may feel fatigued, have lost confidence or motivation.

Value bets on football

After identifying the basics, it is important to remember an essential part of all bets that can be summarized with one word: value. In practical terms, looking for value means finding a bet where the odds are higher than the average. All odds are expressions of probability, so finding value depends on probabilities. To turn fractional odds into percentage probabilities, simply divide the second number by the total of both numbers and multiply the answer by 100.

For example, if Chelsea is given 3/1 over Barcelona, ​​this equates to a 25% chance. If you think you have a 33% probability then you have found a worth bet, assuming, of course, that your analysis is correct. The way you go about looking for the value of a bet is up to you. The more research you do, the more likely you are to succeed.