Right Lawyers for Criminal and Real Estate Cases


The law office is an all-service office with an emphasis on business consulting within the real estate industry. The firm employs lawyers whose primary job is to provide legal advice directly to clients. In addition, the attorneys assist the administration office in any malpractice lawyer questions that may arise. Lawyer Thomas Marker has extensive experience in advising when buying and selling a home, which is the client’s security for a good treatment when buying a home.

The law firm fully manages leases professionally, including commercial leases. Both investors, owner associations and cooperative housing associations trust their services. The law firm also mediates good commercial leases in the inner city. See the overview with the current available leases.

Real estate transactions

The law firm Marker is a law firm specializing in everything to do with real estate.  When you choose us to advise you in a real estate transaction, you will typically be summoned to a meeting. At the meeting, the documents submitted by the broker are reviewed often an inch thick bundle. It takes about 1 hour, where all aspects of the deal will be affected Including the financing, explanation of flex loans and repayment freedom, courses on loans, etc. In case of criminal defense also there are lawyers on that.

The Right Connection

In connection with the review of the real estate transaction, they also advise you on what influence the real estate transaction may have on your personal circumstances, including whether a co-tenancy agreement, marriage contract, will, etc. should be made.

  • In addition to the accounting part, their administration includes active advice and effective problem solving, handled by both their administrators and lawyers.
  • Protected and worthy of preservation properties are their specialists, as a large part of the properties they manage are located in the best places. Use their specialist knowledge and their large network in the area for conversions, applying for support from the Danish Agency for Culture. They can recommend specialists such as architects and engineers who know what these special properties require of specialist knowledge.
  • Their administration agreements include legal advice provided by their lawyers, who are insured against liability, unlike many others in the administration industry.

 When you choose to give issues the responsibility for your properties, you get more than just a “caretaker” who handles the most necessary and urgent tasks. The real estate and Criminal Defense Prairie Village offers an active total solution that handles all the tasks associated with administration and in collaboration with professionals, it ensures that your property remains a good and trouble-free investment.