The Used Ford Escape Buying Guide




Every few years it is time to get a new car. Cars can run for decades but eventually the cost to keep them running outweighs the value. Then it is time for a new car. But there are so many cars on the market. How do you know which one to buy? What are the needs of you and your family? How much do you have to spend? If you are looking for a high quality used car then consider the used Ford Escape.

The Motor

The options are endless when it comes to used ford escapes. There are many options for motors depending on what you are needing. The motor on a ford Escape is efficient because it is a 2.0 four cylinder engine. The older models of the Ford escape also have the six cylinder motors. Although it makes them a little less efficient, the larger motors make them better for pulling trailers and things like that. The larger motor makes it perfect for utility and functional. The motor is a little smaller and less functional than what you would see in a truck but it makes it more efficient. And if you are not going to be pulling a trailer every day, then the Ford Escape can do your pulling. The transmission is also strong enough and built well enough to be able to handle towing and haul anything you need. The transmission is a reliable 5 speed transmission that can go fast and be spunky. Their transmissions are built to last and be reliable. The Ford Escape is a great car that is the perfect fit for any family.

The Size

The used ford escape is right in the middle when it comes to size. It is not a full SUV that is a gas guzzler and it is not a small sedan that your teenagers can’t fit in. The size of this car makes it perfect because it runs efficiently but also has some room on the interior. The size of it makes it much easier to drive in traffic as well. The size of the Ford Escape crossover makes it comfortable for even larger passengers. There are also many benefits to the smaller than SUV size. It makes it easier to drive in heavy traffic. It also makes it easier to find parking. The smaller size also makes it run more efficiently. The smaller size makes it a great compromise between car and large truck.

The Technology

The technology packages available in the Ford escape are limitless. Some ford escapes have a technology package with all the fixings. You can play Apple car play, maps and messages on your display. Along with that, you can get the technology package that comes with a DVD player and in the newer Ford Escapes you can get the technology to run wireless from your car. If you work a lot out of your car or travel a lot, then the Ford Escape has many options that could be handy for you to have. The SyNc Infotainment system is perfect because it can offer passengers entertainment for large car rides as well as offer you the capability to do hands free phone use.


In the end, the Ford Escape is a well rounded vehicle that offers many options for your family. If you are in need of a car that is a little larger than a basic sedan but a little smaller than a SUV, then the ford escape is your option. If you are looking for a family car for the perfect size and perfect price this is the car.