These Professional hair colours are perfect if you want a makeover


Getting your hair dyed can be both intimidating as well as exciting. After all, it is the easiest way to jazz up your appearance and attract eyeballs everywhere you go. Who doesn’t stop to look at someone with fiery red dip dye in their hair? At the same time, picking the right hair colour can be a little tricky. “Will this colour look good on me or not?” or “Are these hair colours for Indian skin tones?” are questions we’ve all had way too often. While there’s no right answer, there are some things you can keep in mind when picking a professional hair colour. 

For starters, figure out your undertones. Most people have warm undertones, others have cool undertones. Try to observe the veins in your wrist under natural light. If they appear greenish, then you have warm undertones. If they appear blueish, then you have cool undertones. If it’s neither, then you have neutral undertones.

Next up, it’s important to understand the broad colour palettes that suit your undertone. For people with cooler undertones, golden blondes and warm reds are a good option. On the other hand, a rich brown or beige might be better suited for those with warm undertones. Generally, professional hair colours with cool tones make people with warm undertones look healthy and natural. 

Now that you’ve done all the homework, it’s time to finally narrow down on a suitable Indian skin tone hair colour. 

  • The Reds
    Hues and shades of red are generally considered a suitable hair colour for Indian skin tone. Red hair colour also provides the perfect balance between something bold and something subtle. While plain red highlights or full coverage hair dye is more common, Godrej Professional’s unique Peek-A-Boo Ruby offers a lovely hide-and-seek effect to your hair by hiding pops of red beneath your natural hair.
  • Blonde
    The world of blonde is full of options: platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, golden blonde, brownish blonde and more! Just take your pick and go all out. When it comes to Indian skin tones, a lighter colour like blonde might require some amount of bleaching for it to settle. To ensure that the colour lasts long, do invest time and effort into the aftercare. We recommend a keratin hair shampoo for the same.
  • The Browns
    Brown is a very popular hair colour for Indian skin tones. It merges well with black/dark hair and strikes a good balance between a ‘natural’ and ‘different’ look. Godrej Professional’s Tiger Eye Bronze brings together the richness of brown with a striking hue of gold.
  • Balayage
    Though not a colour in itself, balayage has become a popular technique in recent times and allows you to experiment with different colours. Balayage treatment is very natural-looking. Godrej Professional’s Gold Ash Balayage is a recommended Indian skin tone hair colour that combines silver and gold to give a beautiful gradient effect.

Getting professional hair colour is only half the journey. The rest of it is all about the hair care routine you follow so as to maintain the colour as well as the health of your hair. A keratin shampoo is definitely worth investing in as the keratin infusion will help strengthen and protect hair. Additionally, Godrej Professional has a whole range of shampoos and hair masks that are suitable for colour treated hair. You can visit the website to know more.