Things you can do to overcome your loss


Winning and losing streaks is a continuous process in the trading market. Though it is impossible to guess when there is a chance of failure, traders can avoid any big loss it takes decision wisely. Some traders have to face repeated failure which is not easy to accept yet traders should have the ability to accept the loss and they should know the strategy of how to overcome the loss.

Become a proficient trader

Sometimes for some decisions of traders, it leads to a huge amount of losses. In consequence, the traders start doubting their skills, capacity, and mastery. But if the trader gives and stays back from taking a further decision they will be a loser. It is your mental stamina that helps you recover from your losses and not losing mental stability is a secret of success. Trading does not fully depend on your knowledge rather it needs a stable mentality to operate the trading system.

According to a psychology professor, Dr. Carol Dweck from Stanford University the most buoyant athletes, students and entrepreneurs have a broadened mindset. They don’t be afraid of taking challenges, rather they work hard, develop their capacity and skills and work on the improvement of their present abilities. When they fail they take it as an opportunity to learn important details regarding the online Forex trading industry by evaluating their results.

Change your trading plans and system

If you have failed in making a profit, then you should admit that the problem is in your method or in the strategy that you have made. So, you need to find out the flaws in your trading policies then start working on overcoming them. You must need a winning mindset but it doesn’t mean that you will lack the courage to accept your loss.

When you will go through a frequent loss then you must change your strategy. You need to make a note of your strategies so that the analyzing process can be easier for them. First, make a list of your ten winnings and ten losing trades, then pick out the common things from that list. Now make a checklist from the best trade of yours. Finally, when you will invest in a new trade make sure that the strategy fits your checklist.

Victor Sperandeo, the president and CEO of Alpha Financial Technologies made millions of dollars in 1987, the year of the stock market crash. He said, “The key to trading success is emotional discipline. In fact, in every aspect of life, you should have the skills to deal with emotions. Failing to manage emotional stress usually lead to big disasters. So, take your time and curate a simple plan so that you can find the profitable trade signals in the market.

Be emotionally disciplined

Sometimes back-to-back losses hamper trader’s mental stability and they may break emotionally. This thing happens only when traders become emotionally attached to their trade and it takes a toll on both mental health and your professional life. You should not emotionally get attached to your trade and should develop your mental stamina to deal with any kind of big loss.

When you will find that your emotions are working as a restriction for your future success, you should find a way to get rid of that problem. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hold your position in the trading market. There is no place of emotion in trading. You can do some exercise when you feel your emotion is ruining your mental stamina. You can distract yourself by doing some activities like jogging, reading, walking.

Always try to keep your mind busy in thinking about past failures and also provide you energy to think positively. You need to know how important a positive mindset run a trading platform for a long time.