Top Reasons To Install Sash Windows


The windows are architectural elements that are placed in a hole that is elevated above the ground. Currently you can find a wide variety of windows such as fixed windows, swing windows, swing windows, pivoting windows, sliding windows or sash windows.

In the case of sash windows, they are vertical opening windows, which go from bottom to top. The mechanism that follows is a movement of the leaves through the tracks (these tracks have been previously installed on the sides of the window frame).

Below, we present some reasons why they are the best choice for your home.

Advantages Of Sash Windows

  • Guillotine windows help eliminate tightness. Bad smells are a serious mishap. On many occasions, our home is affected by street smells, and we believe that we cannot do anything to solve it. The sash windows are air and watertight so it will be the solution you want. The insulation you get is one of the most valued qualities: it helps to avoid the cold during the winter months and helps to avoid the heat during the summer months.
  • The sash windows have the possibility of permanent ventilation, thanks to cross-ventilation (airflow is allowed through the two available channels).
  • Sash windows are very easy to clean. They barely get dirty, and with its mechanism, it is very easy to clean the external face thanks to the flip opening.
  • Sash windows are safe. You can rest easy if you trust the security of your sash windows. With its lock control, they can only be opened from within.
  • They will barely steal space in your home — ideal for small spaces. Sash windows are the best option for spaces where there is not a very large wall since its opening makes space-saving possible.
  • Your sash windows are customizable. Your taste is essential and in sash and case window installations Edinburgh, we intend to include sash windows in your home. Thanks to the innumerable variety, you can choose the most appropriate. You will get your window to be created depending on your tastes and needs.