Unique & Amazing Birthday Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend


Girls love to get pampered. Isn’t it? Being the centre of attraction and enjoying all the attention, especially on her birthday is what any girl would like to have. Usually, boys (yes Boyfriend) are the ones who are in charge to make his lady feel on top of the world on her special day. You could do a lot to make her feel special on this day and to make your task a little easier, below are some of the presents you can gift to your lady love.

  1. Bunch of Assorted Chocolates

You can never go wrong with chocolates. Get some of her favourite chocolates and hamper them all for a sweet treat on her day. It will be a delight for her to receive a present full of delicious assorted chocolates on her birthday. Pro tip: Do consider Dark chocolate.

  1. Personalized LED Cushion

A Mushy Cushion with love-filled messages or her picture with beautiful LED lights would make a perfect birthday present. There are multiple options to choose from like a small cute side cushion or a Giant Pillowcase customized with her picture. Light up her birthday with a LED Cushion!

  1. Cute Miniatures / Caricature

Caricatures have now become a new expression of feelings. Surprise your love with a cute mini replica of her, and she wouldn’t feel anything but overwhelmed with such a wonderful present. These replicas could be of her or you both. Just put in a bit of stress to think about what is the cutest miniature you can gift her. This cute little thing will sit on her side table and will make her remember you always.

  1. Designer Cake

Birthday undoubtedly calls for a yummy delicious cake. Innovatively baked designer cakes give you an amazing way of showcasing your love. You could opt to customize the cake with her picture or can get it designed in the shape of any cartoon such as Panda or minion. Online Cake Delivery makes your task easier to avail doorstep delivery of this service.

  1. Trip

You could gift your special one a holiday. It could be a trip to a place you first met or that planned trip that always gets postponed. Please spare some time out of your busy schedules to gather a bag full of lifelong memories on her special occasion. Let’s call it a dual-treat, a fun Vacation and her Birthday.

  1. Pet

Only applicable to Pet Lovers! Well, most of us are. If your ladylove adores pets than this present is sure to make her birthday and days ahead filled with love and smiles. You can gift her a puppy, kitten or a rabbit, whichever pet she is most fond of. This present is going to make up her all coming days soothing, whether it is a hectic day at work or your petty fights.

  1. Love Notes

Fill her day by sending her lovely love notes throughout the day. These would make her feel butterflies in the stomach for the entire day. These notes can be filled with romantic texts, her importance in your life, her beauty or about all the special moments you had.  Let the celebration began!.


  1. A Beauty Hamper

You could agree to a great extent to the fact that most of the girls are very much concerned about their beauty. So, if you also have a girlfriend who loves makeup, then you can get her a customized makeup kit. More than the gift, your girl is going to get more surprised about how you chose the makeup products for her. For those girls who aren’t much fond of makeup, you still have a fair option. Hamper up for some good quality skin/Haircare products. You can include Toner, Scrub, Facewash, beauty oils, suncream, and some basic Face Creams. This is going to be a present with utility.

  1. Ring

Entangle your love into her Finger. Rings are supposedly the most romantic gifts of all time to present to your loved one. This classic piece is obliged to be presented romantically. Go for a Diamond, gold or silver ring according to your budget. You can also get a pair of couple rings for you and your lady. Let your love hold her hand always.

  1. Your Hoodie

Girls would agree upon the thing that there couldn’t be a better present for them than boyfriend’s hoodie. Oversized Hoodies are a fashion statement. More than that if it is your used hoodie, your girl is going to cherish it. Girls love to take over their guy’s hoodie. So why not make her go easy on her efforts and gift your Hood to her as her birthday present. You can also take her out on shopping to make the day special.

Choose any Gift, your love and care are going to be her topmost priority forever. Gifts are a mere form of expression of feelings. And well, you shouldn’t go wrong with it, so shower all the love, care, attention with a  special gift.