3 Ways to Try For Winning the Game of Cockfighting



  1. Focus on only a few bloodlines.

If it has come to your notice, the real good breeders of Sabung Ayam online are derived from one great line, such as Harold Brown and his Hatch, Johnny Jalandoni, Gary Gillam and his Roundheads, Nene Abello and his Sweaters, and a lot more. So, the gist here is, always go for quality over quantity. When you emphasize on fewer lines, you will know that the fowls more and can improve them by better selection and deeper understanding of their features.

  1. Learn the basics of conditioning and pointing yourself.

You may have also noticed that some handlers ask for a raise or big bonus every time you win a derby. If you are not aware of how to condition your fowls, then know that you are dependent on them and will not win without their expertise. Many entries are good in the beginning, then they bail out because their handlers abandon them. If you can condition and point your fowls yourself, then you win more, no matter the expertise of handlers and their assistants. Proper pointing and conditioning are derived from good observation and common sense. You will also learn more about your fowls when you spend time with them.

  1. Health is wealth.

Conditioning never begins on the first day of a 21 day keep, but on the first day, it is born. The amount of care it has been given will determine its performance in the future. It is a difference between a win, loss, and a draw. Always use the best feeds as per your budget, have a strong vaccination program, disinfect your farm daily, exercise your fowls, keep them away from fat, and give them the best facilities.