Overcoming Disappointments as a First Year Realtor


Working as a real estate professional during the first year can be stressful, and many people experience disappointments. In fact, a significant portion of real estate professionals do no make it to the end of their first year. How can you avoid falling prey to first-year disappointments?

Stop Giving the Bad Things More Attention

One common issue real estate professionals have is that they give more attention to the negative things that happen. They pay more attention to the listings they lose rather than the ones they earn. It’s easy to do that when you have a lot on your mind and you are feeling the pressure to make a sale.

Don’t Give Up Your Health for Commission

Remember that commission is not worth putting your relationships or your health at risk. Do not allow the sale of a home to take over your life, or you may begin to suffer in your personal life as well as in your professional life. Give yourself time off and set business boundaries.

Understand Your Role

As a real estate agent, you are doing much more than showing people houses. If you want to avoid first-year disappointments, you need to understand the business aspects of your career. You are not merely opening doors for people. You are providing financial information, deciphering loan options, and marketing your services. For most people, a house is the biggest purchase they will ever make. Without a strong understanding of your position in the process, you might experience some difficulties in this first year.

Build Relationships

Real estate is a career that is highly focused on referrals. If you are not building strong relationships, you will not see those referrals soar. This is the best way to generate leads for your career, as many people turn to friends and family members for more information about buying and selling their homes and businesses. This year, focus on building the types of business relationships that lead to referrals (and success).

Learn to Sell Your Skills

As a professional, you must learn how to share your expertise and skills. Why should people hire you? If you cannot hone your marketing message, it is possible you will struggle to find clients. When you become a real estate agent, you are not simply becoming an employee. You are an entrepreneur.

With a comprehensive online real estate pre-licensing education, overcoming first-year disappointments is possible. Prepare for your first year as a professional with a real estate license online program. When you have more education, you might have the resources you need to turn disappointments into lessons.