4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Criminal Defense Lawyers


If you’ve been charged with any crime, then going for a criminal defense lawyer would be a great option. However, not every legal service can compare to Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law and their dedication to criminal defense, which is why interviewing several defense lawyers would be a great option before hiring. 

Time is of the essence!

If you do not know what to ask a criminal defense lawyer then this article might be the help you require. We have formulated the 4 most important yet meaningful questions to be asked while selecting a criminal defense lawyer.

  • Background & Experience
  • Case Management
  • Your Case Assessment
  • Legal Fees
  • Ask: Background & Experience

In the first meeting, it is better to know and start by asking about the lawyer’s experience. His/her experience in cases similar to yours will help in evaluating his/her command and skills over the cases.

First Question: How long have you been in the field?

  • Ask About Case Management

The term case management is very common in lawyers. They describe behind-the-scenes of a case. It is important to know the logistics and you may jot down some questions to ask relating their practices for criminal cases like yours.

Start With: Are you having time to represent me?

  • Ask The Assessment Of Your Case

Felony or a misdemeanour, your lawyer should be able to explore options for you regarding the case. Don’t fall for surprises. Be blunt and ask questions assessing your specific case. Like, what steps would you take in defending my case? When should I be ready for a hearing? Etc.

Important Question: What happens if I plead guilty?

  • Ask: The Legal Fees

Two ways for charging are used by most lawyers that is a flat fee and an hourly base fee which is charged on a timely basis. Legal fee structures are competitive among attorneys dealing with criminal cases. However, you need to settle for the method that suits your convenience and is a fair market price.

Ask This: Do you charge a flat rate or an hourly rate?

In A Nutshell:

You will be able to make a better decision with these four questions. A criminal lawyer position is not something that can be risked because your life depends on it. Be wise and ask questions. We hope this information contributes to your knowledge.

Good Luck!