All You Need to know about B1 English Test


The B1 English exam has two phases. In each phase, you will get only 5 minutes. B1 English Test will be done in an exam centre.

1st Phase

You have to discuss a given topic. By telling the given topic, the examiner will see how to tell it. You have rights to choose any topic you want. There are many subjects so you can select according to your choice. All the knowledge should be said to the examiner within 5 minutes. You cannot take more than that because there another candidate also who are in the queue.

Before the exam has started, you have to fill the exam form so that there will be proof of attending and writing the exam. The topic form should be given to the examiner. The form will act as a hall ticket. Before entering the room, you have to give to the examiner. By seeing the form, the examiner will see what is your selected topic so that he or she can ask questions about that. It is in such a way that you will not hesitate while giving the exam.

In the Topic Phase

  • Try to focus on examiner more so that you will not miss any important point. If you respond to the examiner properly automatic, the examiner will understand that you know English properly.
  • If you have any doubt, you can ask the examiner question about your topic the examiner will help you out.
  • You should give information about the topic which you have selected. There will be five points to select so that you can answer.
  • They will ask basic questions, and they will clarify certain doubts form you also.
  • You have to participate in the informal discussion also. During the exam, the examiner will ask for more information from you and different facts. By this, the examiner will see that you know each and everything about the topic.

2nd Phase

In this phase, you have to have a conversation on two subjects. There are stages in the exam. Now the examiner will go to the next stage. In this phase also, the topic will be selected by you only. The topic must be only two there will be varieties of the topic so that you can choose your favourite one. In this, you have to exchange the information you and the examiner. There will be exchanged information like facts, ideas, opinions and many more. When you communicate in English, the examiner will see how you describe and communicate.

After this, the examiner will decide the score. You will not get your result at that time only. You have to talk everything about the two subjects which you have chosen. Try to tell keywords more because the main things in information are the keyword. In writing also make sure to write keyword. The examiner will have a good impression on you. Before writing the exam, make sure to listen carefully to what the instructor says. Select the topic which you can tell it very well. Do not select any hard topic or topic which you don’t know anything.