4 Ways to Look Younger


If you are like most women, you wouldn’t mind looking a little younger, but you do not want to spend hours every day on a beauty regimen. Fortunately, with just a little time and effort, looking younger is achievable.


People used to reverse sagging facial skin with surgery, but today there are much better options. One alternative is ultrasound therapy. In ultherapy San Francisco, one 30- to 60-minute treatment can tighten and lift skin all over your neck and face. Because it also increases collagen production, improvements continue for months. The non-invasive office procedure requires no special preparation and no recovery time. There are few side effects and results can last a year or more.


When applied correctly, makeup can take years off your face. However, your application techniques should change as you age. Mature skin needs moisturizer before foundation. In fact, you may get the best results from using a tinted moisturizer with no foundation at all. Play up your eyes with lush lashes. Layer two types of mascara: start with a plumping formula and go over it with a lengthening formula. Follow with a squeeze or two from an eyelash curler. The youthful look is finished with a swipe of natural-looking pink or rosy lip color.


As with makeup, your hairstyle should change as the years go by. What looked great in high school can look tired and dated today. Keep up with trends and work with your stylist to maintain a chic hairstyle that flatters your face. Lightening the locks that frame your face can subtract years and soften your overall appearance.

Natural Glow

Good overall health will keep you feeling and looking younger. Drink lots of water. Eat fresh, healthy foods rich in antioxidants. Pay special attention to vitamin C, which naturally boosts collagen production. Also include omega-3 fatty acids, which can help ward off acne, wrinkles and rosacea. Get plenty of sleep and exercise. To keep skin in top shape, protect it from sun damage. The sun causes 90% of skin’s visible signs of aging; never go outdoors without sunblock.



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