5 Common Household Accidents


The home is supposed to be a haven of safety and shelter, but accidents are still quite common at home. When there are children or elderly in the home, there is an increased risk of injury, illness, or even death in the domestic environment. While hiring health care Bethesda MD services can keep an eye on an elderly parent while you are at work, you should still know what to do if a serious accident occurs. These are the most common accidents that occur at home.

Trips and Falls

Whether it is down the stairs, out of bed, in the shower, or over toys, trips and falls are common around the house. For the aging individual, this could lead to serious conditions of broken bones.

Falling Objects

When children are first learning to walk, they have a habit of pulling up or on anything. This leads to an increased risk of tablecloths being pulled off, lamps pulled down, or dishes yanked from the counter.


While it may not draw blood, an injury that causes a bruise is painful and terrible looking. Severe bruising might hide a more serious injury, so if there is continuous pain from the area, seek medical care.


Given the number of sharp objects found around the house, cuts and wounds are another safety concern. Applying pressure will help stop the bleeding, but if it doesn`t slow and the wound is gaping, have the injured person seen by a healthcare professional. Be sure to keep all knives, scissors, and otherwise sharp objects out of reach of small children.


The lifting and pulling often needed around the house can lead to sprains. When the parts of a joint are stretched, torn, or twisted, pain and immobility can occur. Rest, use ice, and give the body time to heal.

Knowing what to expect can help you be more prepared. Keep a first aid kit at the house, but when in doubt, get medical help.