A Guide To Choosing the Perfect Dell Laptop 


Dell laptops are used by millions of professionals across organizations because of their cutting edge technology and top notch customer service. It’s important to invest in a good laptop because most of us spend several hours working and connecting with people online. With several no-cost EMI options available, you can easily buy a Dell laptop of your choice!

So what are the different types of Dell laptops in the market?

If you want to buy a Dell laptop on EMI, there are five baskets of laptop options to choose from.

  1. The Inspiron series: For the common man

The Dell inspiron is the most popular among students and young working professionals. Why? Because it’s affordable, compact and has all the basic features one would need in a laptop. This series has higher end laptops such as the ultracompact as well. The Dell chromebook is another much cheaper option and is mostly used by students.

  1. The XPS series: For the business professional

The Xtreme performance system Dell series is known for its high processing capability. This laptop never gets tired no matter what. It has excellent storage capacity, long lasting battery life and a 4K display option. It comes with generous port selection options and is as thin as paper. This powerhouse is expensive but worth it. An XPS Dell laptop on EMI is one way you can own this technological masterpiece!

  1. Alienware and the G-series: For the ultimate gamer

If you’re into gaming, don’t look beyond Alienware. All Alienware laptops are customised. YOU get to choose the memory capacity, RAM, OS, graphics card, screen size, display size and display resolution. They offer premium customer support upto 4 years after purchase, which includes fixing and replacing ALL defects. They also look really cool!  An Alienware laptop costs a whopping 2 lakh Rupees, but you can buy an Alienware Dell laptop on EMI without a credit card! So stop worrying and buy your dream gaming laptop!

  1. The Latitude series: For the outdoors

The Dell latitude series is sleek and efficient. It’s great for professionals who work in the field. It can withstand extreme temperatures and is extremely durable. These laptops have a long battery life and are light. If you’re someone who works in isolated snow capped mountains, the latitude series should be your first pick.

  1. The Precision workstation series: For the Designer

These workstation laptops are typically used for 3-D modelling, graphic designing, CAD  and CD modelling. Design companies such as Adobe use the Dell Precision workstation laptops. If you’re into hardcore design, this is a top-class option for you.

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