A Weekly Plan to Play Rummy When at Home


Now that most of you are spending time indoors, a weekly plan of fun could be worked out. For card gamers, this is possible playing a rummy game with friends and family members. From Monday to Sunday, you can plan when to play the game, and try out its different formats. As you know, several web platforms offer card games; you can switch from offline to online rummy either on website or a mobile app. This makes it easier to access the game and play at any time of the day. You do not even need a pack of physical cards if you are playing game on the internet.

Below-given our suggested weekly schedule for rummy playing on the web.

  1. Monday

Let’s begin with the first day of the week. For beginners, a good starting step will be to learn how to play rummy and its different formats. The gaming platform will surely have tutorials and guides about the same. Or you can simply play the free rummy games with practice chips on the gaming website or the application. A few games down the row will certainly help you to get a hang of the game. You can learn about the tactics and strategies to apply for a win. It will also prepare you for cash games and difficult challenges.

  1. Tuesday

Once you learn more about the game, you can make a rummy game download on your device. This will simplify the ease of access to the game. Thereafter, you can spend more time playing practice games and better your skills. The skills that you will need to play rummy are observation, thinking and analysing ability, tact, bluffing, basic mathematical calculations, etc. In practice games there are no restrictions whatsoever. Also, no stakes are involved. You can play the game 24×7 and get more involved in this type of card game.

  1. Wednesday

Now that you are well aware of all the rummy rules, you can consider trying out individual and cash games with other players on the internet. You will not need physical company of people if you play rummy online rather than offline. The choice is purely yours where you want to and with you want to play it. On the online platform, the players are selected randomly from those who are currently logged in and wish to play the game. So, start with a few cash games, learn how to get past challenges, and get into the groove.

  1. Thursday

If you wish to step up the game, and participate in tournaments, then we suggest you to look out for reliable gaming platforms. One of such places is the Khelplay Rummy, a website and gaming app. You can create an account on the website, download the app for your device and get, set, go. Tournaments consist of several rounds.

  • Here the players compete for a cash reward usually. Some of the tourneys are free and do not include a cash reward.
  • Winners of each round then compete in the next until the final round.
  • In the real cash rummy finale, the winners are rewarded in some promised way.
  • If it is money winnings, then that can be transferred to bank account or used to purchase merchandises from the partnered stores.
  1. Friday

After playing the games for several days in a week, you can take a break from everything. Cool your mind and prepare for the weekend. Relax and do other things that you like. If you do want to still play the game, then we suggest free card games than the ones with monetary benefits. But the choice is yours as there are no restrictions as such which day you want to play which type of card game. You can check the rummy app for the upcoming games for the weekend. It is during the weekends that interesting tournaments take place.

  1. Saturday

If you have already booked a place for an Indian rummy tournament, then make sure you login to the game in time. You can choose a morning, afternoon, or evening, night tournament, as per your requirement. You can play a quick free card game during tea time or in between the chores. Keep yourself free for good amount of time, if you want to participate in a tourney. Some prefer evening tournaments than morning time, as people usually wake up later in the day on weekends. Pick a game as per your needs and interest, and your weekend can see a grand start with card games.

  1. Sunday

The last day of the week has arrived. Through the week of playing card games, you must have already enjoyed rummy to a great satisfaction. So what do you do on a Sunday? Of course, check for exciting tournaments. You can take down the pro-players and benefit with a thrilling experience. On the Khelplay Rummy app, check for the tourneys for weekends, especially Sunday. Also, keep yourself available at the tourney timing. Invite your friends and family on the app as well so that you can enjoy a game or two along with them.

To Conclude

Depending on your skill-set for playing cards, you can shift the above-suggested schedule as per your need. For beginners, the initial step of knowing about the game and tactics is important. But, if you are a pro-player then you can skip that and dive into challenging games right from the start. However, for experienced players too, getting in touch with the game from the start is crucial. This helps to re-learn the rules and norms you may have forgotten, and then brush those skills before taking on to cash games and tournaments.

So, there is the weekly plan for playing rummy, and as a card-gaming enthusiast you will definitely benefit from it. To make the games more interesting, you can create your own social circle. Ask your friends or whoever you know to join the same gaming platform you are on. This may allow you to even play rummy with the invited people at the same time in a particular game.