All You Need To Know About Car Accident In San Diego At An Intersection


Car and motorcycle accidents are a common thing at intersections. Even though there are traffic lights and stop signs at intersections, it is normal to see vehicle accidents happening at crossings. The traffic surveillance cameras record everything that happens at these crossings. The pedestrians and bicyclists are at particularly high- risk.  For an accident involving huge vehicles such as trucks, there are special 18- wheeler injury lawyer near me that needs to be approached.

If a motorcycle or car accident happens, it is suitable to consult a motorcycle injury lawyer near me or car wreck injury lawyer near me whatever the case be. The city authorities put in their best efforts to make intersections friendly for bike and cycle riders and pedestrians,  but unfortunately, accidents have happened at even seemingly calm intersections.

Damages that Can be Recovered Post Intersection Accidents

 A lawsuit or a personal injury claim will help you recover monetary compensation for a huge range of losses that you have sustained due to the carelessness of someone else. The amount of money that you get will be in accordance with nature, as well as the severity of losses endured by you. In case of death at an intersection accident, the family of the deceased can ask for funeral and burial cost and non- economic damages such as loss of companionship, etc.

Kinds of Accidents that Happen at Intersections

Grave life-threatening collisions can take place at crossings as vehicles, bikers, pedestrians all try to cross the area. In order to press your claim, it is first important to identify the kind of accident that has taken place.

Side Impact Collisions

Also referred to as t- bone collisions or broadside collisions, these happen when a vehicle gets hit on the side by any other vehicle. This sudden impact can lead to severe injuries, along with huge damage to the vehicle. The vehicle that is embroiled in such a collision can roll over and collide with other cars or even pedestrians.

Bicycle / Pedestrian Accidents

These usually happen when a driver does not wait or watch out for the bicyclists or pedestrians to cross. It is the obligation of the motorists to be extra careful at the intersections.

Rear-End Crashes

A rear-end accident occurs when a driver is either hooked on to his mobile phone or speeding at an intersection. This is usually serious and might lead to a vehicular buildup at the accident site.

Loss of Control

In case the intersection is poorly designed, the vehicle driver can easily lose control. In such a scenario, the Govt agency can be held responsible for the accidents that take place at the intersection.

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