The Importance of Big Berkey Water Filter in Promoting Wellness


We all agree that water is vital in our daily living. If you drink water for at least eight glasses a day, your body will stay hydrated. However, are you sure that the water you are drinking is safe? If that is the case, it’s time for you to know about the Big Berkey water filter.

What is a Big Berkey Water Filter?

A Big Berkey water filter provides superior quality when it comes to filtration systems. It removes harmful microbes, such as bacteria that are present in the water. As a result, it promotes wellness not only to yourself but also to your loved ones.  For more information on the Big Berkey filter, visit the USA Berkey website.

In this article, we’re going to discuss various benefits of using a Big Berkey water filter in your home, schools, and offices. Also, we will check the different types of water filter systems. Lastly, we will guide you on how to select the best water filter system in the market today.

Types of Water Filter

A water filter can improve the quality and taste of your water. Not only that, but it also helps to get rid of harmful contaminants such as chlorine and lead. That is why a water filter is essential for everyone. Here are the types of water filters ready in the market today:

  • Water Filter Pitcher

The water filter pitcher provides the lowest cost in the market. It has a built-in filter inside the pitcher and is suitable for small groups of people. Also, their filter system lasts only for a short period of time. That’s why we suggest having a spare filter for replacement.

  • Faucet Mounted Water Filter

A faucet-mounted water filter is easy to install. All you need to do is to remove the tip of the faucet and fix this filter system. It also allows you to choose between filtered and unfiltered water.

However, the downside of using this filter is that it can’t filter the water 100%. That’s because it is made with only a small filter.

  • Travel Berkey Water Filter

If you want total comfort and safety, use a Travel Berkey Water filter. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Not only that, but it is also perfect for one to three people and can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water.

Benefits of Using Water Filter

Water is indeed, vital to human health. If you don’t consume any water for three days, there is a high risk of dehydration that can lead to death. On the other hand, not all ready to drink liquids are safe to drink.

Here are the reasons why you need to use water filters.

  • Water Filter Removes Chlorine

A water filter removes chlorine that is present in the water. As we all know, chlorine was being used to clean the water. However, chlorine is not suitable for human health.

If you drink too much water with chlorine, it can damage your teeth. As such, it will lead to tooth decay.

Big Berkey water filter provides unique features that remove chlorine in the water. Their water filter is best in the market to keep you away from chlorine. Not only that, but Big Berkey filters are also replaceable. It is safe to drink water using Big Berkey water filters.

  • Water Filter Removes Fluoride

Did you know that fluoride can be found naturally in the water? Yes, tap water contains a small portion of fluoride. That’s because the municipal water supply wanted to reduce tooth decay in their local area.

On the other hand, too much fluoride is harmful to human health.

Experts suggest that our body needs below 0.7ppm (parts per million) of fluoride to keep healthy teeth. However, most tap waters today can produce more than 4.0ppm of fluoride. It is not suitable for human oral health.

To solve this problem, all you need to do is to use a water filter. A Big Berkey water filter is made to remove fluoride in the water. It will keep your family safe all the time.

  • Water Filter Removes Tap Water Smell and Color

Before you drink tap water in the faucet, it will flow first to the water pipeline. Most of the time, water is exposed to harsh metals, which gives unpleasant smell and taste.

However, if you use a water filter, it will filter these substances. As a result, it will always give yourself clean drinking water.

Water Filter Buying Guide

Below are some guidelines that you need to check when buying a water filter.

  • Choose a Water Filter That is Certified by Health Experts

Before you purchase a water filter, make sure that you read the product information first. We suggest that you select a water filter that is certified by health professionals. We want the best for our family, so we need to purchase the best in the market.

  • Select a Water Filter that Contains Spare Parts

            When buying a water filter, you need to know that this product needs proper care. Extra   filters must be ready at all times because they can be worn out easily.

            We suggest choosing a water filter that provides extra parts such as filters and hose. If not, make sure that the parts are ready in the market.

  • Choose a Stainless-Steel Water Filter

            We highly recommend choosing a stainless-steel water filter rather than plastic made. The reason is plastics can quickly wear out and harmful to human health.

            On the other hand, stainless steel is safe for everyone. It’s easy to maintain and can be used over and over again.

  • Select a Water Filter that Provides Long Warranty

            We advise choosing a product that offers a more extended product warranty. It is the best            way to know that the water filters you’re buying provide well-built for the end-users.

Take Away

A water filter is all you need to keep wellness for yourself and your loved ones. It provides so many useful features and can save lots of money in the long run. If you want total satisfaction, then choose the best, choose the Big Berkey water filter.