Best Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Invisible ink marked cards

Marked cards contact lenses, also known as special contact lenses, are specially manufactured for seeing the invisible ink present on the marked cards. These are special infrared contacts which are quite a sensation and known to be best partners for the poker gamers. By wearing these contact lenses, it is easy for you to watch the marks there at the bottom of the marked cards. The invisible ink sometimes occurred to be luminous bright marks or present as black juice marks. Therefore, this ink is invisible to the naked eyes.

In humans, the distribution of eye color generally varies as per the populations and regions. Hence, these contact lenses are also available depending on the eye color so that no one can catch the difference. Normally, the eyes having dark brown color can easily see the marked cards, but according to the experts, it is difficult for light color eyes to mark the difference. Hence, it becomes essential that you must use professional contact lenses to play the poker game where marked cards are used.

There are certain features that you should notice while buying the contact lenses for finding the invisible ink on marked cards.

  • Contact lenses should be comfortable and harmless

While purchasing the contact lenses, do check that they are made of supreme quality of material like HEMA. This makes them comfortable to wear and harmless to human eyes.

  • Center diameter and degree

Always check the center diameter of IR contact lenses and also can customize as per the requirement.

  • Choices of colors

People do have different requirements for IR contact lenses because of their eye color. Hence, look for the contact lenses that are entirely suitable for you.

Where can you use contact lenses marked cards?

Well, this is a fascinating question that comes in everyone’s mind that is using these marked cards contact lenses. These are basically used for poker cheat in cards game, casino games, poker match, private cards game, club card games, and magic shows.