Foods that can boost collagen production for your skin


If you want to look healthy and younger-looking skin, it is extremely necessary to eat foods that can help you retain the natural glow of the skin. Well, what can be a much better way than following a healthy diet to maintain the shine and glow of your skin?

But at the end of the day, it is all about collagen. The more your skin produces collagen, the healthier it will be. Collagen is one of the most important proteins for the skin, thereby helping to maintain the structure and stretch. Different types of collagen are present in our bodies, and with each increasing age, our body tends to produce less collagen. Less or absence of collagen eventually leads to the formation of wrinkles.

Although doctors may advise you to go for collagen supplements, Ryan Smith of Lexington KY suggests opting for foods. It is always better to go for natural options than the synthetics ones. Moreover, foods are always superior to supplements and can help naturally boost collagen production.

What are the foods to boost collagen production?

If you wish to delay the aging process, you need to consume natural food items that can help to enhance collagen production.

  • Bone broth

Various studies have, over time, shown that bone broth may not be the most reliable option for collagen, but it is. Making bone broth is pretty easy as you need to simmer animal bones in the water only to get the maximum benefits. If you don’t want it without any flavor, you might as well season the broth with some spices.

  • Chicken

Chicken is one of the main components in most of the collagen supplements. You may not want to stuff your diet with chicken, but it is always suggested to consume it in limited amounts for extra benefits. Chicken, undoubtedly, is one of the best sources for dietary collagen.

  • Egg whites

Eggs do not have enough connective tissues, but it is a great source for proline. Proline is an essential amino acid required for producing collagen in the body.

Ryan Smith of Lexington KY suggests adding these foods in recommended amounts as per dietician to get maximum benefits.