Big Berkey Water Filter For Safe Water Consumption 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, people become more vigilant and worried that they might get sick. As extra care, many people usually use hand sanitizer or alcohol, some eat healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, and of course, drink plenty of water. But water can cause more harm if it is contaminated. There is an excellent alternative for that by choosing the Big Berkey water filter.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, visit the official USA Berkey website

 A Big Berkey water filter is a system that can do filtration or purification of contaminated water. Of course, there are many alternatives available. Besides, this system has to offer more.

 This system is capable of removing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and other harmful chemicals. Whether we use water from the policy for drinking or sanitation, you will not have any risk of becoming poisoned nor have skin irritation. Also, users do not have to worry much about the water source. This Berkey water filter is capable of filtering or treating raw waters, even in remote lakes.

Due to its high capacity for removing toxins from water, it is the best solution for using its water even in cooking. It does not produce any chemical reaction.

Since it can filter even the smallest chemical, the probability that it can penetrate coronavirus might be possible. Yet, the study about COVID-19 still in the preliminary stage. Nevertheless, there is a reduction in the risk of unhealthy water consumption.

More with Berkey Water Filter

Everyone has a new experience of traveling even just once in their lives. The hustle of ringing several containers for water storage is understandable. There is no hassle in this filtration system.

The Berkey water filter is portable. Users can go anywhere they want, and anytime they want for easy access and comfort, users can temporarily move its filters.

In one review, a user wrote a simple but important reminder. It stated that new filters have the option for removal, yet should not be exposed to too much heat. It is also best if a soft towel is its cover.

Consume clean water, even without electricity. With this system, the power outage is never a problem. This feature is said to be the best companion of its portability. So no matter what your location is, you can have your gallons of water with you.

Investing in Berkey Water Filter 

Determining whether the cost is low or high depends on the person. It might depend on your budget or a person’s current financial status. Regardless, many user reviews illustrated how worth it is to avail such a filtration system.

The Berkey water filter has an upfront fee of $15. For the whole system, it costs $300. But if one should only avail of water from the system, you can have a gallon for only seven cents.

Many users claim that this price is cheap enough that everyone should not resist it. However, there are individual complaints from some users that some parts of its material break easily. If one plans to buy a replacement for it, it becomes more expensive than the estimate.

Making the Right Choice

Assuming that you choose a Big Berkey water filter for your filtration system at home, the big one is the best. The Big Berkey water filter is not too large. Its size is perfect enough, considering that it is portable. Also, it contains at least three gallons of water. It is sufficient for three to four weeks of water consumption.

 Berkey Water Filters Mystery 

 Berkey products are available worldwide except in the State of California. Based on the news headlines, the State is banning them. However, the company contradicted the statement. They clarified that the said State has only different laws in terms of allowing water-related companies to sell their services. Due to the lengthy process, Berkey decided not to insist on getting into the State.

At the same time, many of their rivals throw some rumors. According to them, the system does not remove 99.9% of chemicals harmful to the body.

Back to the Positive

Berkey products, especially Big Berkey water filters, got a positive review and high rank both from amazon and on their website. As for Amazon, the product got a 4.5-star rating. On their website, the whole Brancott is a 5-star review. Moreover, different websites have the products’ positive reviews.

 In comparison to negative speculations, many users claim that Big Berkey water filters are durable. Some users revealed that their Berkey filtration system lasted for more than ten years.


 Berkey products do the purification process to the fullest. Their website has its other features highlighted. But aside from those benefits, it also offers a less noticeable advantage.

Imagine where bacteria come from and where they stay. Because of improper sanitation, water containers and bottles become a home of viruses and bacteria. Many times it is the cause of contamination. It mainly happens to bring boxes or bottles that are being reused above from its maximum. With the use of a Big Berkey water filter, we can help eliminate the bacteria from spreading.

 A Little Precaution 

Cleaning is a regular responsibility in all water filtration systems. For instance, Big Berkey water filters might have slowness and water flow. Simple cleansing is its solution. Besides, users can call the company for support in case the problem persists. Furthermore, it is recommended not to let it empty. Otherwise, the purification and filtration process might be affected.

 Final words 

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing a threat to everyone—one way to combat its estimate in our immune system. Clean water consumption might do a lot. Thus, investing in water filtration and purification systems is quite a considerable period. The Big Berkey water filter, which got a 5-star review and 4.5-star rating, could be a great choice. The primary reason is that it is capable of removing 99.9% of toxic chemicals. Other features include portability and proper measurement.

Big Berkey water filter has a great contribution to our health, removing all the contaminants from the water we drink. If still hesitant, we should keep in mind that our body is composed of a few solids and liquid. Also, having not enough water contributes to more sickness. Thus, we should be more cautious about water consumption. If not, no matter how hydrated our body is, we would still be exposed to diseases.