Choosing between TV wall mounts: A guide for buyers!


Almost every contemporary home has a flat-screen TV. Gone are times when you needed a standalone desk or TV stand to place the television. Now, you can go for a TV wall mount, which can be mounted on the wall. Websites like have a wide range of wall mounts to choose from, and in this guide, we are sharing a few pointers that are worth knowing before you compare your choices.

  1. Follow the instructions. Most manufacturers now mention mounting instructions for their televisions, which have to be considered. In other words, you cannot mount your 40-inch TV on a wall mount meant for a 32-inch screen. The wall mount should be selected keeping the screen in mind.
  2. Swivel does matter. Would you want your TV to be in a stationary position or would want it to be turned to specific directions within the room? This aspect will decide the extent of swivel you need for the mount.
  3. Consider the position. Some wall mounts have the option, where the TV can be placed a few inches away from the wall, and that could add to the viewing experience. You can check for wall mounts that have an extra arm.
  4. Decide on the budget. Contrary to popular belief, wall mounts don’t have to cost a fortune. You can choose to go ahead with a slight better product that comes with a warranty, instead of one that’s priced lower and doesn’t have any aftersales service. The costs depend on the mount’s ability to handle different screens with different weights.
  5. Most wall mounts need to be installed professionally, but some are super easy to manage on your own too. Check if the product needs assistance, because that would cost a fee for installation.

Reviewing other important aspects

Besides wall mounts, you can also consider ceiling mounts for your TV, which are a great choice for rooms where you don’t have a free wall for the screen. In restaurants and schools, ceiling mounts are most suitable. As for the deals and discounts, you can get great prices on wall mounts on online sites, with warranty. Just ensure that the mount is durable and wouldn’t need replacement at least for the next five years to come. Also, check if the stand/mount adheres to VESA mounting pattern, so that installation in different rooms and for different screens doesn’t become an additional problem. Check online to shortlist options now!