Does the Seller You Buy From Matters as Much as the Materials When Getting a House Renovation?


Floor renovation has many prospects. Whether it’s just one room that you want to get redone or all the rooms in the house – bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom – and even the exteriors, the material that you choose decides if the renovation is worth it or not. And, who do you buy those materials from? Well, it’s quite obvious, you approach different sellers. And, that’s why sellers matter as much as the materials when it comes to renovation. 

On that note, we would also like to mention that not all sellers are genuine. In fact, a lot of the time, customers aren’t delivered what’s promised. Hence this guide – it will take you through the factors that you might consider when you’re picking a seller to buy tiles from. 

1. Genuine Sellers have Genuine Catalogues Online 

Ceramique au Sommet, one of the most trustworthy suppliers of tiles in the entire Canada, has a descriptive online website where they proudly display the products they supply, the brands they offer, and the kinds of looks that their installation experts have created for their past clients. Some of the best brands that they offer are as follows. 

  • Soligo 
  • Tuileries

2. Genuine Sellers Offer Best Prices 

Yes, they offer the best brands in best colors and patterns, but they charge only what’s fair. They offer discounts and they also offer their products on a sale many times. In other words, they believe in making their products affordable for everyone. 

3. Genuine Sellers Will Encourage you to Come Visit Their Store 

When the seller has a reputation to maintain there’s nothing they have to hide. Which is why they ask their customers to visit their showroom and have a look at all the different kinds of tiles that they offer. In other words, they encourage you to buy only after you see and take a feel of the products they have to offer. 

4. Happy Customers are the Biggest Proofs 

When you visit a website you want to buy tiles from, do not forget to take a look at their testimonials. Testimonials will help you discover how the company treats their customers and the quality of the products and services they supply. 

Convulsively, the quality of whatever you end up buying depends upon what the seller is providing you with. So, pick wisely if you want your money to not get wasted on something that won’t even last.