Eco Friendly Kitchen Appliances For The Better World


Nowadays, the energy sources of cookware could come from renewable energy sources such as electricity. This type of cookware is good for the environment since there is no any residual like carbon dioxide by product. Using electricity as their sources, here are several eco friendly kitchen appliances to have. Remember to look for the best electricity rates in Texas to help you keep your power bill under control.

  1. Rice Cooker

Rice cookers generally are energy efficient because they use electrical energy. Compared to the traditional ways of cooking rice which require boiling and steaming, cooking rice with this appliance is way simpler. To make it more eco friendly, try to avoid Teflon inner pots. As the pot might peel through times, use pots with different materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, and clay. Pots that are made of those materials are not coated with harmful materials which can blend with the rice.

  1. Electric Oven

Gas and electric oven are often compared together. Each of them has their own ups and downs. Viewed by the impact to the environment, electric oven is way better. Moreover, lately there have been solar-powered electric oven. This type of oven has relatively reasonable price and easy to clean.

Usually on the oven’s walls, there are some heating elements set up. These elements enable the heat to be more even when baking. Convection and conduction types are also available in electric ovens. Click here to get good prices on electric ovens in Sri lanka.

  1. Induction cooktop

Without any gas or fire, induction cooktops use heat to cook your food. Metal pots as the media to induct the heat makes the temperature raises faster compared to the gas stove. Turning on the cooktop without pot will not make any heat, so it is safe for people if they accidentally touch it. Some surveys also show that induction cooktop has the most efficiency. Recently, these cooktops can be powered by solar energy.

  1. Multi cooker

Just like its name, this appliance has several functions such as to fry, to bake, to stew, to steam, or generally to cook. A multi cooker could replace other appliances’ roles due to its parts. The parts include the pressure sensor, control panel, temperature sensor, heating element, lid and more. Cooking with a multi cooker in sri lanka can be way more precise because of the features. Some have a timer and other automatic programs to ease the cooking process.

  1. Manual or Grater Juicer

Both manual and electric juicers are eco friendly. Yet, manual or grater juicers need only your energy. This type of juicer has several designs to extract the juice of your favorite fruits. People could shred, press, or grate the fruits based on the juicer model. This juicer typically has a smaller and simpler build making it easy to store.

  1. Coffee maker

Brewing coffee from the coffee maker has the more authentic taste that the instant sachet coffee. Coffee makers also have several types that enable you to use coffee beans or coffee grounds. You can adjust the taste as you like. To make the coffee more eco friendly, try to use reusable cup or mug. Also make coffee in the size that you only need like a single cup. Hence, there will be less waste. Besides, coffee makers could save your money.