Essentials for Your Streaming Setup


The past few years in the online space have become heavily influenced by the growing number of live streamers and the expansion for many sectors into the livestreaming space – whilst the biggest by far is certainly within esports as the elite level sport side of gaming continues to grow along with other supporting markets like these at, but there is also a growing market outside of esports as content creation through livestreaming is becoming all to common and further options are being found for livestreaming. If you’re looking to get your own setup going, what are some of the essentials you’ll need to get things off the ground?

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A main streaming PC, or secondary PC – The majority of streamers use a single PC for their streaming needs, and anything relatively modern should be good enough to power your streaming setup without needing anything too beefy or powerful to keep things running smoothly. Another option that many have taken has been to set up a second dedicated PC that handles the streaming side of things whilst the main PC runs the games, easing the load a little. Either way is a viable way to go, depending on your own needs, and if you’re looking to start streaming it’s important to evaluate where your streaming needs will be to properly decide how to setup your own streaming setup.

Streaming accessories – With streaming having become so big in recent years, there are now a slew of different accessories available to step up your own streaming game – the most popular is with a stream deck which enables the broadcaster to change scenes on the fly with easy and assign macros to other buttons to make other adjustments much easier and much quicker. Many others include things like green screens if you’re looking to step up your own production quality and set yourself apart from many others, alongside the essentials such as a good microphone and a quality webcam to get started.

The rules and requirements – Most importantly, especially now, is to get yourself clued up on all of the rules that you’ll have to follow for the platform you choose to stream on. As the big streaming platforms have grown and progressed, the rules that content creators must follow has only grown, and with recent points of concern in DMCA and copyright for things like music, there’s a growing number of things to ensure you’re keeping track of – whilst it has no additional cost, this is certainly essential for ensuring your success moving forward in streaming, and ensuring that both you and your viewers receive the best possible experience too.