Exploring Material Choices for Your Home Doors


The search for beautiful, durable and accessible doors is chaos – there are countless options available on the market in door companies, manufacturers and the like. But regardless of housing type, Condo, HDB or landed, the door is one of the most timeless and long-lasting pieces of furniture in your home. Some doors even persist after resale – they are that durable! This is exactly why choosing the right company to install your door is so vital.

Picking a door itself is deceptively easy, and there are a good number of things to consider when making your choice. Not just for your main door, but for the doors around your house as well (both bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, partition and so on). There are a few factors to look out for in door choice, and we’ve written down a few in the next section so you can be more informed.

3 Tips in Door Choice

Choosing a door offline could soon be a thing of the past, with many companies updating their catalogues so customers can peruse their collection from their home. Gone are the days spent in showrooms and browsing magazines, but how then can you be sure that your money ends up well spent?

Installing with an established, certified and trusted company is the way to go. Most of their products are guaranteed to be long-lasting and fireproof, and their experience is proof enough that they won’t do you wrong. Their valuable expertise can be the difference maker in securing a door fit for your dream home for two reasons.

One, they can recommend a customization of parts and attachment types instead of having stock options. Two, their longstanding operation usually means they have connections with other door-related companies and manufacturers. If the type of handle or opening mechanism (e.g., electronic door systems) is not readily available, they are sure to have contacts to recommend. The hypothetical door is open to a sea of endless choices, so to speak.

Framing the Right Door Choice

Now onto the more technical side of things, the material and makeup of a door does make a difference. Wooden doors are the standard sound-insulating classic to have between the interior, exterior and rooms. They are fire-proof, and thermally conducive – which we all know is extremely important in Singapore’s climate. Glass on the other hand trades privacy for a sleek look and visual expansion of space. It could be useful for connecting adjacent living spaces, such as your living room and kitchen, or as a bathroom door in your shower.

The type of opening mechanism, installation and handle are also important to consider. Besides their obvious functionality, they also have a crucial role to play in framing the aesthetic of your interior and maximizing the space in your home. Having a sliding door could be the saving grace to squeeze the most out of every square foot, so having expert advice on these aspects do matter.

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