Handy Looks at Immature Dating Habits You Should Leave Behind



Nobody in this world likes to have an immature partner in their life. So, you must learn to be mature if you are in a relationship since immaturity can kill the relation at a much faster rate than any other thing in the world. According to Handy, you should always respect your partner as it is a sign of maturity and sincerity.

The Habits

Here are some common immature dating habits that you must leave behind:

  1. The habit of being aggressive – Every relationship would have some issues but being aggressive is certainly not the way to deal with it. As an adult, you have to handle all your issues in a mature way. If you do not understand your partner and become aggressive, you will only make the situation worse and the relationship will not last long.
  2. Making your partner jealous – One of the most common mistakes and immature thing to do in a relationship is to make the partner jealous. Many people have the habit of making their partner jealous. But these people forget that such a habit can cause friction in their relationship and make them untrustworthy. You must understand that if you do not respect the feelings of your partner then you will never be respected either.
  3. Comparing relationship – Another immature dating habit that is commonly seen is comparing the present relationship with other relationships or past relationships. You should never forget that every relationship is unique and if you compare your current partner with your previous partner or some other person, it can hurt their feelings. If you form the habit of comparing relationships, it will certainly cause a problem in your relationship and make it bitter.
  4. Being on the phone during a date – The habit of being engaged on the phone when you are on a date with your partner is very immature and rude. You should refrain from checking your phone every now and then when you are on a date. Your partner should be the focus of your attention during a date.

You should create beautiful memories with them on a date instead of wasting time on the phone. Checking phones or scrolling on Instagram can certainly make your partner irritated and can cause an issue in your relationship. So, it is always recommended to not use the phone unless it is very important or a complete emergency.

  1. Start fighting or faking – If you are in a relationship with someone you must trust them and no matter whatever the condition may be, you should never lie to your partner. Even a small lie can cause a huge problem for the relationship in the future. There might be some issues in your relationship but you should not lie or fight to solve the problems. Instead, it is better to hold a serious discussion to come up with a solution.


According to Handy, age and maturity don’t always go hand in hand. So, you need to act mature even if you think you are not old enough and never think your partner is mature just because they are older.