Matthew Davies Looks At Why Reality Shows Are So Popular



According to Matthew Davies, reality TV shows on television are a thing to stay. Over the years, the number of reality shows being produced each year has only increased. Reality TV shows try to connect with the audience on a personal level by hinting at the illusion of realism when we all know that it might be completely real. Still, the popularity of such TV shows has not declined.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why reality shows are so popular:

  1. Family time together – These days, everyone has different choices. You may like romantic, violence, action, comedy, or horror shows. So, it’s difficult to get all members of the family to sit together and watch a particular show. But when a reality show is being aired you feel connected as they are no celebrities but normal people just like you. The sense of connection to such shows compels all to watch it together.
  1. You imagine yourself playing – When you see a person from a common background being successful and liked by the audience, you tend to wish you had a life like that too. Everyone wants to be successful and these shows motivate you to explore your hidden talents and give them a chance. It also you to imagine yourself in a different way as if you were also a contestant. Sometimes, you also imagine how you would have behaved and who would have been the best chance of winning the show.
  1. The catchy trailers and previews – One of the major reasons behind the success of these reality shows are the catchy previews and trailers used for their promotion before they officially start. They generally show those clippings which involve emotional breakdown, fights, injury, or some twist. As these feelings are a part of life, you get more eager to see how the contestants react to these and the outcome of it.
  1. Mindless entertainment – These shows are on the rise as it is not necessary to see them in the proper sequence. Whenever you feel tired and want to watch something fun or entertaining, these shows come to the rescue. You can watch them as they air, stop watching them when you wish; or watch them after a couple of missed shows. It’s always an interesting watch.
  1. Worth a discussion – When the reality shows draw to a close, people love discussing it with their family and friends to guess who would be the winner. They actively participate in online polls as the feeling of contributing to the success of a common man is there. When a show becomes a part of daily discussion, it is surely going to become more and more popular with people wanting to be a part of the crowd.


Reality shows have made a stance of its own in the society as most television viewers have followed at least one in their lifetime. Matthew Davies feels that these shows have a correlation with different trends at the same time which makes them more likable among the viewers. These shows tend to satisfy a psychological desire of the audience compelling them to see more and more of them.