Hiring A Truck VS Hiring A Van


If you are thinking of traveling or having a DIY move, you might be interested in renting your own vehicle. Well for a DIY move the two best options are renting a van or a truck, depending on your situation.

The first thing you should do is find a good provider. For example, you can check out the professional truck rental Melbourne from Go With The Gecko if you are interested in renting a truck, or you could check out their vans. Usually these providers will offer a variety of vehicles for you to choose from, so keep that in mind.

Of course, with so many options out there, you should take your time and search properly. You should find a provider with a good reputation, great offers and prices. You should also make sure that that certain provider has a good reputation and satisfied customers.

Truck rentals

Trucks are huge vehicles that can fit a lot of items, thus they are great for moving out, depending on how much you have to move. They are often the first choice when it comes to moving, as they will ensure that you do not have to make more than one trip.

Trucks are great for bigger moves

However, there are different truck sizes available with most providers, and you need to rent the one that is the most suitable for your situation. Keep in mind that you will need a special license to actually drive the truck, or you will have to hire a professional truck driver.

You also need to know how to properly load stuff on the truck, so none of your items get damaged. It is always better to hire professionals if you are unsure how to do this, otherwise you might end up with a lot more damage. Pack everything on time, know how to pack, and make sure you are ready before the movers arrive!

Van rentals

On the other hand, you have van rentals that are also very popular, due to the size of the vehicle. It is much easier to find a place where you can park a van instead of a truck. If you are interested you can check out friendly rent a van by Gecko team or talk to your local provider.

Choose the proper van size

Vans are often rented for family trips, as they are great transportation vehicles. Keep in mind that travel vans are different from moving vans, and that you have vans of different sizes. So, if you do not have a lot of items, you might want to consider renting a van instead of a truck.

Final word

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you aremoving, and you have a lot of items, it is better to rent a truck instead of a van, but if a truck is too much, you can always rent a van instead. Just make sure that you know how to pack, load stuff onto the truck, unload, and keep your items from breaking.