How Outsourcing Billing Services for Mental Health Earns You $$


Whether you are part of a large medical group or operate your own practice providing therapy and treatment for your patients, outsourcing billing services for mental health associates can help you improve your bottom line without sacrificing valuable time with your clients. 

Focusing on the Patient: Not Their Insurance

If you are the only person in your office, how much time do you currently spend collecting insurance information from your patient and processing their claims, instead of actually treating them as soon as possible? When you work with a managed service company that specializes in billing support for medical offices, you are free to simply forward their information and then get down to the job of improving their mental health. Your off-campus billing service will get pre-approval for the treatment, send notices to collect co-pays and process the final claim with the insurance company.

Free Up Your Office Assistant for More Face-to-Face Time with Patients

Perhaps your office assistant often sounds more frustrated and stressed due to lengthy calls with the insurance companies. When you outsource that job, your assistant is free to provide a calming welcome to your clients, check them in, and set up the next appointment without worrying about collecting payments or juggling cash. Your office is a happier and healthier place to work.

Improve Your Collections Rate from Insurance and Co-Pays

Is your assistant often trying to remind you about a client that is behind in their payments, but you never find time to actually make the phone call to collect? Perhaps more than one insurance claim was never approved, losing your practice valuable income due to a clerical error on your end or theirs. When you utilize outsourcing billing services for mental health, you now have an entire office of staff members whose sole job is to follow up on every claim, co-pay, and approval. They are free to file appeals and fix the small error that could cost you thousands.

Payments Go Directly into Your Account

Best of all, your outsourced billing company also collects payments and is able to deposit them directly into your linked account. Monthly reports arrive in your email that highlight how much more income you are generating simply because you now have an off-campus office that is wholly focused on collecting your income without fighting for attention with your clients. Practices that use outsourced billing services can see an increase in monthly income as high as 30%.

When it feels like your psychiatry, psychology, or mental health therapy practice is drowning under red tape, it just might be time to refocus your efforts on being the doctor and outsourcing the clerical tasks to a billing service that provides expert support for you and your clients.