How To Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 By Flvto?


We all know that YouTube is Google’s one of the best creations till date. We never thought that there would be such a medium where you can get whatever genre of videos you want. Although there are plenty of applications where you can listen to music of any type, they have certain limits such as music quality, monthly subscriptions etc. But in YouTube you can watch videos and listen to music for free!

Limitations of YouTube

Although everything’s cool about YouTube, there is a problem! You can only access YouTube all the time when you have internet access all the time. As price of data is not so cheap nowadays, it will pinch your pocket much if you use YouTube all day long! But that does not mean that you cannot listen to music on the go.

Convert videos to mp3 files

Here comes your solution! Just download the music from YouTube and convert it into mp3. There you go. Listen to your favourite music all the time. All of these can be done by flvto.

How to use flvto?

For converting your music from YouTube to mp3 easily with the help of flvto you just need a stable internet connection and there you go! Now follow the steps given below and enjoy your music anytime anywhere.

  1. Just go to YouTube and find the music that you want to listen and play the music.
  2. Copy the URL of that particular webpage.
  3. Then go to official site of flvto media
  4. Now paste the URL that you copied earlier on the empty field of flvto media
  5. Now click on the “convert” button to convert the music into mp3 song!
  6. And now download the converted mp3 file by clicking on the “download” button.

Benefits of using flvto

  • All your favourite songs are worth listening for endless times. By using flvto you will be able to listen to your songs on endless loop. There’s no limit at all. And that too without using your data balance all the time.
  • The converted mp3 file would be of 320 kbps. It is the best quality available for mp3 files right now.
  • This is the best website on the internet where you can download YouTube music safely. As we know, piracy is a big issue all over the internet. Downloading music illegally is not recommended at all. But if you use flvto, there will be zero consequences. So just download and enjoy!

Have a song from YouTube easily!

The best part is that you can queue up to 99 songs to download at a single time. You don’t need to wait for every song to download before downloading the next one. Just queue up to 99 songs and download them altogether at a time. So if you are a true music fan, listen to music all day long, love to enjoy music on the go and want to access music for free then you should definitely check out flvto. You don’t need to worry about piracy. Flvto provides hassle-free music conversion from YouTube with an easy to use interface.