How to Enjoy Your Steaks While Dining in a Restaurant 


There are a number of things that can enhance the dining experience in a steakhouse. And today, we are going to discuss all those things in detail in the guide below. 

Pointers to be Discussed:

  • What Steakhouse restaurants to Pick?
  • How to order the best Steak cuts in a restaurant? 
  • What sides are the best combinations with steaks?

So, let’s begin!

1 – What Steakhouse restaurant to Pick?

A good steakhouse restaurant like the Rib n Reef steakhouse restaurant offers an ultimate dining experience to customers. The features that make them the best in business are listed below.

  • It’s easy to locate the restaurant. 
  • The staff is very helpful.
  • There’s a cigar room and a lounge for Lazying. 
  • You can make an online reservation through their website. 
  • The waiters have thorough knowledge about what they’re serving. 

2 – How to order the best Steak cuts in a restaurant? 

Now comes the tricky part when ordering in a classy restaurant like Rib n Reef. Since the restaurant has such an elaborate menu, it’s essential that you have the basic knowledge about the most popular steak types so that you know exactly what you want while ordering. 

The types can be classified into 3 sections for better understanding – (a) tender, (b) creamy, and (c) healthier steaks. 

So, we will begin with the tender steak options. 

  • Filet Mignon – This is the most tender of all other steak types. Also known as tenderloin, it contains less fat. Despite of that, it has a buttery twist. 

Now, the creamy options:

  • Porterhouse Steak – One side of this steak is filet Mignon and the other is New York Steak. Needless to say, it’s not just creamy, it’s far more juicy and flavorful than all other steak types. 
  • Ribeye steak – This is the creamiest type of steak with maximum fat. Needless to say, a perfect cut has a well-marbled surface. 

Now, the healthier options.

Before we list the types, it’s important that you understand that healthy steaks that are less fatty aren’t dry. They do have juices, but they have to be cooked properly, after marination, so that they don’t get dry. That said, the most famous type include:

  • Top Sirloin Steak – It’s one of the least fatty options. Which is why an ideal cut is a thicker piece (1 to 2 inches) so that all the juice doesn’t end up drying upon being cooked. 

3 – What sides are the best combinations with steaks?

This is basically the most tricky part about dining in a good steakhouse restaurant since their drinks menu and dinner menu is huge. To aid the purpose, we are making a mention of some of the best combination sauces, salads, and drinks that elite steakhouses like Rib n Reef vouch for. 

  • Sauces with Steaks – Peppercorn sauce, Mushrooms or Béarnaise, and Flambé Au Poivre.
  • Side Vegetables – Sautée Mushrooms, Fresh Boiled Broccoli, and Onion Rings with Aïoli Sauce.
  • Sides – Baked Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Garlic, and Pilaf Rice.
  • Wine with Steaks – Vins Blancs, Les choix du Sommelier, and Italian Red wine.