The Right Way to Get a Quote from top SEO Services providers


Looking for SEO companies is not as simple as sending an online inquiry to get a quote for top SEO services providers. The process could involve more tasks than what you have imagined.

As you know, numerous SEO companies and SEO consultants are offering their services online, like these ones: The number of choices you have could be overwhelming and if you are not thorough enough, you could end up hiring someone who is not a perfect fit for your business.

Here, you’ll find the things that you must do first before you even request for quote.

Assess Your Real Needs

Before you even consider hiring SEO consultants to help you out with your business or website, you must take the time first to really look into your business. Assess the status of your website and reflect on what you think are the necessary things that you have to focus on.

Be clear with your business goals and how you would like your brand to be presented online. You may have to check your competitors who are ahead of the competition.


Be honest with your assessment and identify if it is really just the marketing strategy that you are lacking in, or maybe you might have to improve on your web content first or your product itself. The thing about improving your exposure online and gaining more web visitors is that even if they are directed to your website but find nothing important on them, then you are still not going to gain any profit from it.

Now, say for instance, you really have absolute faith in the quality of your web content, products or services and you feel that the only thing you lack is exposure then you may proceed to the next step.

Do Your Research

This is not about the research that you make regarding your competitors. In this stage, you have to start looking for possible SEO companies or consultants who could make your business a success.

You have to look at the background of the company. Does it have expertise on the industry that you are a part of? What SEO services does it offer? Does it have a good record of accomplishments?

You may list as many prospect companies as you want. You can even include individual SEO consultants if you want to.

Check the website as well for any informative articles that you can find on the website. One the best ways of checking if the company is really an expert in what it does is if it can discuss SEO related topics. SEO experts would generously share ideas on their website about SEO-related topics that they think can help their readers or prospect clients have a better idea of what they really do and what they can offer.

Check for Client Reviews

There is no better way of assessing a company than checking actual reviews. Of course, an exception there would be if it is just a new company and you happen to be the first client.

If the website of the company does not have any available client reviews that you can refer to, then you can check the qualifications of the consultants. Check their year of experience and area of expertise.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Once you have done your research by making comparisons and cross references, you have to short list the company that you will get a quote for top SEO services providers. You might wondering why you have to narrow down your list.


Of course, it will not cost you a thing to get to quote. It will probably not hurt you but at the end of the day, dealing with multiple SEO companies simultaneously will be confusing.

Think about it, if you ask a quotation from 50 different companies, all of them would likely send you a response. Some of them might even send an email back asking for additional information, while the rest might also send promotional email at the same time. There are even those, like this one, who’d ask specifically for “keywords you would like to rank for.”

It will just be too hard for you to track the companies that you are dealing with, and you might just end up being annoyed with all the follow up emails that they will be sending you. This will result with you just ignoring all the quotes that you have received.

This is the reason why you have to shortlist the companies that you have to get quotes from. Now, if ever you still have not received any favorable quote from any companies that you have shortlisted, then you may proceed with your next list.

Finding the right SEO Company for your website is similar to hiring a job applicant who will work for your business. You have to find the right people that will help your company grow.