How To Get The Child Support You Deserve    


If you have gone through a divorce, it’s most likely that you have a child. Caring and looking after your baby is one thing. However, it would help if you had financial assistance. After your divorce is complete, you will receive a child support order. It is to ensure that both the parents are contributing to the upbringing of their child. The state of Texas has a different set of laws when it comes to child support. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you need an exceptional Galveston divorce lawyer.

1. Income Assessment

In most cases of child support, stock options and bonuses are often ignored. If your lawyers have substantial experience in their field, they would recommend the judge to take other income into account as well.

2.  Request A Modification Of Child Support

Many people in Texas are not aware of their legal rights. Hiring a lawyer can help you file for a child support modification. It is a case in which your spouse’s income has increased. The court of Texas abides the parents to play their part in raising their child.

3.  Effects of Child’s Age

Child support guidelines are derived from the average cost of raising a child. The finances for a newborn are less compared to raising a 17 year old. With added expenses of a sustainable life, many parents suffer from the hands of their unfaithful companions. Only the best lawyers can keep a check on your child’s present, a future requirement to give a substantial amount for child support.

4.  Voluntary Unemployment

If the parent is voluntarily not finding employment or finding ways to hide their employment, the court will make sure they pay. Under the guidelines of child support, the court would order to compute the income that can be earned or use the previous income to draft a number. This number will be used to calculate child support income.

Final Verdict

Asking for child support is your fundamental right. However, a qualified and experienced lawyer can increase your chances of receiving maximum child support. There are many conditions that the law imposes on parents to support their child’s upbringing. Some of them are mentioned above. If you have the right support from a legal expert, raising a child won’t be a financial burden anymore.